• Rubber Grinding Mill for Rubber Processing and Recycling

    The waste rubber grinding and recycling plant is composed of rubber shredder, pulverizer, vibrating screen and feeding belt. It can process and crush all kinds of rubber.

    2022-08-18 17:33:29
  • Domestic Waste Crushing and Sorting System

    Yuxi Machinery has professional intelligent dust collecting technology, which can be equipped with crushing and conveying systems of domestic waste crushing and sorting system.

    2022-08-17 17:15:19
  • Harmless Waste Lithium Batteries Recycling Equipment

    Main finished products of lithium battery recycling are positive electrode powder, positive and negative electrode mixed powder, metal aluminum, metal copper-aluminum mixture.

    2022-08-10 11:26:21
  • Small Copper Wire Recycling Machine Price

    Waste wires and cables contain a large amount of copper wires, which need to be separated from plastics and recycled, so they need to be crushed and separated by copper wire recycling machine.

    2022-07-28 17:55:23
  • Waste Tire Processing and Recycling Machine

    Waste tire recycling has a wide market and high profits. Old tyres can be converted into pyrolysis oil, carbon black, steel wire and other products.

    2022-08-08 11:30:25
  • Double Hooks Tire Wire Drawing Machine

    ​The double hooks tire wire drawing machine is a kind of equipment that pulls out the two strands of steel wire in the bead of the waste tire at normal temperature. Its main purpose is to prolong the service life of the cutter of tire shredder.

    2022-07-26 10:29:08
  • How Does A Scrap Car Crushing Line Work?

    ​The whole car crushing line is designed for shredding, crushing and recycling scrapped car shells, scrapped motorcycles and bicycles, and other scrap metals.

    2022-07-13 14:38:53
  • Waste Car Crushing Machine Factory Supplier

    Equipped with centralized dust removal and sorting equipment, car crushing machine can effectively sort wires, aluminum, rubber, and plastics in waste cars.

    2022-07-13 14:17:53
  • Tyre Shredding Machine Price from Factory

    Rubber pieces, rubber granulators, rubber powder, steel wire, fiber, and other materials can be got from old tyres. Tire shredder is very important equipment in waste tire recycling line.

    2022-06-10 16:25:54
  • Large Industrial Shredder Manufacturer and Supplier

    Large industrial shredder is widely used to shred materials with high hardness, large volume and bundles of materials.

    2022-06-08 17:07:02

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