Scrap Metal Recycling Plant

1. Yuxi waste metal crushing separating and recycling plant includes twin-shaft shredder, metal crusher, conveying equipment, separation equipment and dust removal system. 

2. The scrap metal crushing and sorting equipment is mainly used for crushing, processing and recycling of metal scraps, car shells, car motors, aluminum castings, cans, waste home appliances, etc.

3. Yuxi scrap metal crushing and sorting line uses a hydraulic motor to replace the gearbox, which improves the torque and makes the shredding more stable; at the same time, it reduces the probability of mechanical damage.


Scrap Metal Recycling Plant

Yuxi Scrap Metal Crushing Separating and Recycling Plant

Metals can be classified as ferrous and non-ferrous. Ferrous metals are combinations of iron with carbon. Some common ferrous metals include carbon steel, alloy steel, wrought iron, and cast iron. On the other hand, non-ferrous metals include aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, and tin. Precious metals are non-ferrous.

The scrap metal recycling line is used to process light scraps such as scrap car body, tinplate, household appliances, bicycles, empty cans and so on to make them become superior raw materials for steel making. Through the continuous crushing of the machine, removing the coating, increasing the specific gravity of the volume, preventing explosion when the furnace is put into operation, raising the melting rate under a certain shape, etc.

metal crushing and recycling line

Yuxi waste metal crushing sorting separating and recycling line includes twin-shaft shredder, metal crusher, conveying equipment, separation equipment and dust removal system. The scrap metal crushing plant is mainly used for crushing, processing and recycling of metal scraps, car shells, car motors, aluminum castings, cans, waste home appliances, etc. After being processed, the bulk density of recycled material is suitable for direct transportation and returning to the furnace.


Advantages of Scrap Metal Crushing Sorting and Recycling Machine

1. Yuxi metal shredder is conducive to coarse crushing and increase production capacity; and its cutters are with long service life and are particularly convenient for maintenance.

2. Yuxi metal shredder is easy to disassemble and assemble, more wear-resistant, easy to maintain, and with advantages of low energy consumption, small and medium processing capacity, simple maintenance, and low cost.

3. Yuxi scrap metal crushing and separating equipment uses a hydraulic motor to replace the gearbox, which improves the torque and makes the shredding more stable; at the same time, it reduces the probability of mechanical damage.


Value of Scrap Metal Crushing and Sorting Equipment

1. Recycling an old aluminum can will save up to 20 % of the cost of making a new can, which can also save 90% - 97% of the energy.

2. Recycling 1 ton of scrap steel will produce 0.9 tons high-quality steel, which is equivalent to save 3 tons of mineral and save 47% of the cost. At the same time, it also can reduce the air pollution, water pollution and solid waste.

Therefore, the recycling of scrap metal not only alleviate the resource demand, also protect the environment, with great economic benefits.


The general scrap metal recycled includes:

1. Waste vehicle, motocycle, bicycle, etc.;

2. Steel plate not exceeding 10mm, rebar not exceeding 16mm and section steel, steel structure parts;

3. Other scrap steel, if packing blocks with density not more than 0.65 t/m3;

4. Household appliances excluding motors, compressors, shafts, etc.;

5. Empty cans, similiar domestic waste.


The below scraps are not suggest to be put into machine:

1. Dangerous parts: closed high pressure gas storage cyclinders, hydraulic cylinders, scrap that may cause explosions, fires tec sealed containers;

2. Heavy weight materials with more than 100kg, need pre treatment before into shredder;

3. Iron block more than 8kg;

4. Steel plate more than 10mm and more than 15kg;

5. Steel rails, steel tube, exceeding 3mm thickness, 250mm diameter, 500mm length;

6. Steel wire;

7. steel shafts, converter, compressor.

There are many benefits to shredding scrap metal such as recycling, increased ease in handling by saving space and requiring less manpower, increased efficiency for remelting, elimination of contaminates in the metals to increase the quality and value of the metal.


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