High-voltage Electrostatic Separator

Application of High-voltage Electrostatic Separator

1. Separation of metal and non-metal mixture particles.

2. Separation of conductor and non-conductor.

3. Used in aluminum-plastic waste sorting and recycling, copper-plastic waste sorting and recycling, waste circuit board sorting and recycling, copper wire recycling, etc.

4. Extracting metal particles and powders from grinding wheel ash.

5. Extraction of carbonaceous matter.


High-voltage Electrostatic Separator

Introduction to High-voltage Electrostatic Sorting Machine

High-voltage electrostatic sorting machine is commonly used for sorting in metal and non-metal recycling projects such as waste circuit board recycling equipment, waste wire and cable recycling equipment, aluminum-plastic sorting and recycling equipment, etc. High-voltage electrostatic separator is dust-free and environmentally friendly, with low energy consumption, low noise, and high output. For different materials, you can choose electrostatic separator with different specifications. Yuxi Machinery can now produce single-roller, double-roller, three-roller, six-roller and multi-roller electrostatic sorters. We can produce compatible electrostatic separator according to customers’ requirements on material extraction composition, purity, output, etc.

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Application of High-voltage Electrostatic Separator

1. Separation of metal and non-metal mixture particles.

2. Separation of conductor and non-conductor.

3. Used in aluminum-plastic waste sorting and recycling, copper-plastic waste sorting and recycling, waste circuit board sorting and recycling, copper wire recycling, etc.

4. Mineral sorting.

5. Extraction of carbonaceous matter.

6. Extracting metal particles and powders from grinding wheel ash.

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Outstanding Advantages of High-voltage Electrostatic Sorter

1. The feeding device of electrostatic sorting machine is a key technology for the purity of the sorting materials. According to the different materials, Yuxi electrostatic sorter has unique feeding method, or adopts independent frequency conversion speed control to control the feeding, so that the materials enter the electric field evenly, and the sorting effect is better.

2. Because of the high voltage of tens of thousands of volts generated inside the electrostatic separator during working, personal safety must be paid special attention. Our company specially designed the automatic discharge to provide reliable safety guarantee for the operator.

3. When the electrostatic sorting machine is running for a period of time, a large amount of dust will be generated inside, which directly affects the sorting effect. Therefore, we specially designed a dust blowing device, so that the equipment always maintains good sorting effect.

4. The electrostatic separator works under a stable high-voltage electrostatic power supply. Due to the influence of weather and humidity or peak power consumption, the voltage will change, but unstable high-voltage power supply will affect the sorting quality. Therefore, Our company has specially designed automatic voltage regulating device to guarantee stable and unchanging high-voltage power supply.

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