Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

● Copper and aluminum recovery (by weight): ≥ 98%

● Positive and negative material recovery (by weight%): ≥ 99%

● Iron recovery (by weight): ≥ 99%  

● Applied materials: laptop battery, cellphone lithium battery, pouch cell, cylindrical battery, lithium cell, li-ion battery, lithium-ion batteryetc, etc.

● Finished product: aluminum, copper, lithium carbonate, lithium cobalt oxide, anode materialis graphite.

● Yuxi waste lithium battery recycling equipment uses the physical recovery method.


Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Introduction to Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Cobalt, lithium, copper and plastics in waste lithium batteries are all valuable resources with extremely high recycling value. Therefore, the effective separation of the negative electrode constituent materials of the waste lithium battery can realize the resource utilization of the waste lithium battery, and eliminate its corresponding environmental impact. Yuxi lithium battery recycling machine can satisfy all your requirements on recycling of various lithium batteries.

lithium battery crushing recycling machine

Mechanical Physics Lithium Battery Recycling Separating Line

At present, the recycling of waste lithium batteries mainly focuses on the recovery of high-value anode precious metals such as cobalt, lithium, and manganese, and the recovery of cathode material such as copper foil. Commonly used waste lithium battery recycling methods include hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy and mechanical physics. Compared with the hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgy, the mechanical physical method does not need chemical reagents and consumes less energy, which is an environmentally friendly and efficient method.

lithium battery crushing sorting machine (2)

Advantages of Yuxi Lithium Battery Recycling Plant

1. The resource utilization of metal copper and carbon powder in the negative electrode material of waste lithium battery can be realized through the combined process of hammer crushing, vibration screening and air separation.
2. The negative electrode material can be effectively separated from the carbon powder and the copper foil after being crushed by hammer crusher, and then the copper foil and the carbon powder can be preliminarily separated by vibration sieving based on the difference in size and shape between the particles.
3. For crushed particles with a particle size of 0.125~0.250 mm and a low copper grade, air separation can be used to achieve effective separation of copper and carbon powder. When the air velocity is 1.00 m/s, the recovery effect is good.

4. The complete set of laptop battery recycling plant works in a negative pressure state, without dust leakage, and the separation efficiency can reach more than 90%.

5. Lithium-ion battery recycling machine is mainly used for lithium-ion battery manufacturers to process and separate aluminum foil, copper foil in positive and negative electrode materials from scrap positive and negative electrode sheets for the purpose of recycling.

lithium battery separating machine

Main Equipment of Lithium Battery Crushing Separating Line

Lithium battery shredder: for primary shredding the raw materials.

Lithium battery crusher: for crushing the shredded material into 2-3cm small pieces.

Grinding machine: for grinding the crushed raw material into 18-20 mesh powder.

High-voltage electrostatic separator: for separating metallic and non-metallic materials. 

Magnetic separator: for the separation of materials with different magnetism.

Gravity separator: for copper and aluminum separation, copper and plastic separation, and aluminum and plastic separation.

Dust collector: for for the collection and purification of dust generated in work.


Lithium Battery Recycling Processing Line (2)

Yuxi Lithium Battery Recycling Processing Line

Yuxi lithium battery recycling processing equipment is improved on the basis of traditional processing technology. Each equipment process has undergone a lot of optimization treatment. The main parts of all machines are made of high-quality materials and components. The unique lithium battery recycling plant enjoys the protection technology which is independently developed by our engineers, greatly reduces the damage to the bearings and transmission parts caused by black powder leakage, and ensures the stability and durability of the lithium battery recycling line for long-term work.

lithium battery crushing and separating machines

Parameters of Lithium Battery Recycling Equipment





Capacity (kg/h)




Total Power (kw)




Space Needed (square meter)




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