Full-automatic Waste Tire Recycling Line

Production capacity: 200-10,000 kg/h
Suitable tire diameter: 400-4,000mm
Discharging size: 140mesh-100mm, customization is available.

The full-automatic waste tire recycling production line can effectively realize the automatic separation of rubber, wire, nylon fiber and other materials, and the whole scrap tire recycling processing line uses PLC control system, with easy operation and maintenance, low energy consumption, etc.

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Full-automatic Waste Tire Recycling Line

Introduction to Full-automatic Waste Tyre Recycling Production Line

Discarded tires are called "black pollution". The increase of automobiles, resulting in more and more abandoned tires, and piles of tires is a serious environmental pollution problem. Yuxi full-automatic waste tire recycling line makes breaking, reducing volume, sorting, recycling as the principle, to customize scrap tyre recycling machine in line with the actual production situation and final capacity.

Crushed tires can effectively reduce the volume, increase the density of accumulation, and greatly save logistics costs. Tire is composed of rubber, wire, nylon fiber, etc., with high recycling value, so crushing to reduce its volume is the only way to deal with large pieces of garbage.


Special Advantages of Full-automatic Waste Tire Processing Machine

1. Yuxi full-automatic waste tire processing equipment can achieve the automatic separation of rubber, wire, nylon fiber, etc.

2. Control system: PLC control system, simple operation and maintenance, large waste tire recycling plant with capacity of 3 ton /hour takes only 4-6 people.
3. Low energy consumption: 3 tons of used tires per hour to take the total installed capacity of rubber particles: about 550 kilowatts
4. Cutters of shredder: long service life, high utilization rate, multiple maintenance, user-friendly design, safety and security.


Application of Full-automatic Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Yuxi full-automatic waste tire recycling processing line can be used to recycle tires with diameter of 400-4,000 mm, discharging size of 5-100mm, and output up to 200-10,000kg/h. The whole scrap tire processing line can effectively realize the automatic separation of rubber, wire, nylon fiber and other materials, and the whole production line uses PLC control system, with easy operation and maintenance, low energy consumption, long service life, etc.
Waste tire powder has many applications, of which rubber powder is used in road construction to make rubber powder asphalt, is the largest application market for the consumption of rubber powder. Welcome to visit our factory.

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Equipment of Full-automatic Waste Tyre Recycling Line

1. Wire drawing machine: Pull out the steel wire from the waste tires so that the tire can be shredded directly by the waste tyre shredder in the next step.

2. Waste tyre shredder: shreds the whole drawn tire into 3-8 cm rubber blocks.

3. Wire separator: process 100mm*100mm rubber blocks into 10-15mm rubber particles, and separate steel wire and rubber at the same time.

4. Vibrating screen: Separate rubber particles of different sizes, so the oversized particles will be sent back to the rubber powder grinding machine for further grinding.

5. Magnetic separator: remove the small steel wires remained in rubber powder.

6. Rubber pellet machine: the rubber separated from the steel wire can be crushed into 1 mm in size. Due to the special nature of the pellet machine, it's usually used to produce high-quality pellets with consistent size. During the pelletizing process, 99% of the fibers are removed.

7. Fiber separator: remove foreign matter and fiber.

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