Semi-automatic Waste Tire Recycling Line

1. Yuxi Machinery has rich experience in manufacturing tire recycling machines and has customer sites all over the world.

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Semi-automatic Waste Tire Recycling Line

Yuxi Semi-automatic Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Yuxi semi-automatic waste tire recycling machine is a complete tire recycling line that performs a series of waste tire recycling operations such as tire ring cutting, crushing, magnetic separation, fine crushing, grinding, and rubber powder bagging, etc. A large number of waste tires occupy land, pollute the environment, endanger health, and cause huge waste of resources and potential safety hazards. The recycling of waste tires has become a new industry hot spot and development trend.


Why Choose Yuxi Semi-automatic Waste Tire Recycling Line?

As the world's leading manufacturer of intelligent tire shredder and semi-automatic waste tire recycling line, Yuxi Machinery provides you with an overall solution for the intelligent crushing and recycling system of waste tires. Yuxi Machinery has successively established intelligent semi-automatic waste tire crushing and recycling plant for many domestic and foreign environmental protection enterprises and scrap rubber tire resource recycling companies.

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Applications of Semi-automatic Scrap Tire Recycling Line

8-20 mesh: mainly used in runways, road cushions, pads, lawns, paving elastic layers, sports venues, etc.

30-40 mesh: mainly used in the production of reclaimed rubber, modified rubber powder, road paving, rubber sheet, etc.

40-60 mesh: fine rubber powder, used in rubber filling, plastic modification, etc.

60-80 mesh: super fine rubber powder, mainly used in automobile tires, rubber products, building materials, etc.

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Machine Test and Customization Service

There are many professionals in machinery, electrical, hydraulics, and automation in Yuxi technical team. After understanding the detailed needs of customers, we provide customers with detailed project design, reasonable equipment selection and configuration, equipment lists and project costs, and can design special processes according to customers' special requirements. In addition, we can also test machine for some special materials, and customize the design of knives, tool boxes and power systems according to the characteristics of customers' materials, so that all our customers can purchase suitable semi-automatic waste tire recycling lines.


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Large and Trustworthy Manufacturer

Yuxi Machinery has rich experience in manufacturing tire recycling machines and has customer sites all over the world. We provide free troubleshooting service and professionally answer various questions from customers. If you want any information on semi-automatic waste tire recycling line, waste tire recycling machine and customer sites, please feel free to leave us a message, thank you.


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