Tyre Grinding Mill

Advantages of Yuxi Tire Rubber Grinding Mill:

1. 30-120mesh discharging size

2. Water system

3. High alloy steels: 50-55HRC hardness

4. Tyre mill machine is the main product of rubber powder production line that crushes waste tires and waste rubber into rubber powder.


Tyre Grinding Mill

Brief Introduction to Tyre Grinder

Tire grinder is mainly used to crush rubber powder or rubber particles to a finer size, up to 100 mesh and finer. Tyre grinding mill is the main product of rubber powder production line that crushes waste tires and waste rubber into rubber powder.

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Application of Tire Grinding Mill

Rubber powder grinding machine is mainly used to grind waste tires, such as bicycles tires, tractors tires, automobile inner tubes tires, water rings, shoe soles, gaskets, rubber factory scraps, sealing sheets, conveyor belts, etc.

High-yield tire rubber powder production line configuration

Tire ring cutting machine-double-shaft shredder-rubber crusher (double-roller rubber mill)-conveyor belt feeder-magnetic separator-fiber separator-rubber mill.

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Advantages of Rubber Grinding Mill

1. The rubber can be processed into 10-100 mesh rubber powder at room temperature, and the steel wire and fiber can be separated automatically.

2. The whole production line has a reasonable and compact structure, small installation area and convenient maintenance.

3. The whole production line overcomes the shortcomings of low output, high labor intensity, and inability to continuous production.

4. The whole line adopts one-stop processing system, 1-2 people can complete the operation.

5 There is no waste water, exhaust gas and waste residue produced in the rubber processing process.

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Technical Parameter of Tire Rubber Grinding Mill




Feed size

20-40 mm

20-40 mm

Discharge size

10-80 mesh

10-80 mesh


29 kw

48 kw


100-200 kg/h

200-300 kg/h


2.5*3.5*3.8 (m)

3.8*3.5*3.8 (m)


1500 kg

2800 kg

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