• Metal Crushers Shine in Scrap Metal Recycling Industry

    Metal crusher is suitable for crushing bicycle frames, motorcycle frames, color steel tiles, carriage boards, keel strips, color TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, tinplate, scrap angle steel, scrap square tubes, car cabs......

    2022-05-14 14:08:13
  • Blades Materials of Scrap Metal Shredders

    Metal shredders are widely used in major waste recycling stations to shred the recycled color steel tiles, thin iron sheets, scrap iron filings, cans, paint buckets, etc.

    2022-05-14 14:08:11
  • Barriers of Solid Waste Treatment Industry

    Due to the different needs of different customers and the limitation of local economic and geographical conditions, it is difficult to achieve standardization in the process of engineering design and implementation of solid waste treatment projects.

    2022-04-26 10:26:30
  • Characteristics of Solid Waste Treatment Industry

    The demand for "reduction, recycling and harmless treatment" of urban domestic waste continues to be strong, and the utilization of waste resources will become the mainstream direction.

    2022-04-26 10:26:30
  • Main Equipment of Tire Processing and Recycling Line

    How to use a large number of waste tires economically and effectively has become a key research topic in rubber recycling.

    2022-04-21 11:38:56
  • Treatment and Sorting Line of Household Waste


    2022-04-19 17:43:25
  • Common Applications of Processed Waste Tires

    Waste tires contain a lot of metal and rubber, and have high recycling value. They are a misplaced resource with title of honor of "black gold".

    2022-03-11 15:33:51
  • The Debugging of Copper Cable Wire Recycling Machine

    Possible causes of unclean separation of copper and plastic in small copper cable wire recycling machine:

    2022-03-04 15:24:03
  • Industrial Paint Bucket Shredding Equipment

    The paint bucket shredder shreds all kinds of waste metal paint buckets, cans, beverage cans, beer cans, scrap iron sheets, scrap iron slag and other cans into strips, pieces or granular, thereby reducing transportation costs and improving the speed of scrap iron smelting.

    2022-02-22 14:51:19
  • Safety Operation Manual of Double Shaft Shredder

    In solid waste shredding and disposal industry, the double-shaft shredder is the most mentioned equipment.

    2022-02-15 15:04:18

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