• Scrap Car Crushing and Recycling Tips and Machines

    The dismantled scrapped car shells enter the metal crusher for crushing, and after crushing, plastic, iron, non-ferrous (such as copper, aluminum), sponge and dust can be sorted out, each of which can be recycled and reused.

    2022-09-20 10:25:01
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Shredding Machine

    FRP pipes, containers and other products take up a lot of space and the cost of direct transportation is too high, it is necessary to shred or crush these products before sending them to the disposal center.

    2022-09-14 17:47:04
  • What Are the Ways to Dispose Domestic Waste?

    After the domestic waste is processed, the wood, metal, muck and other debris are usually sorted out, and then the remaining plastic, foam, cloth and other combustibles with high calorific value are uniformly processed into RDF particles.

    2022-09-08 17:36:04
  • Treatment and Sorting Line of Household Waste


    2022-09-05 17:47:36
  • Fuel Derived from Waste Tires Is Replacing Traditional Fuels

    The Earth produces billions of scrap tires each year, most of which are recycled by energy-intensive industries such as cement plants, power plants, and paper mills.

    2022-09-02 14:41:08
  • How to Recycle and Reuse Landscaping Waste?

    ​The landscaping waste shredder can initially physically crush branches and leaves, thin trunks and roots in landscaping garbage, and complete the preliminary treatment process of landscaping garbage recycling and reusing.

    2022-09-01 09:46:04
  • Two-shaft Shredder Shreds and Recycles Waste Building Form-work

    Use a twin-shaft shredder to shred building form-work, and then use a screening machine to sort out recyclable materials such as metals, and non-combustible materials such as concrete, and then use an RDF molding machine to process the combustibles into RDF pellets.

    2022-09-01 10:00:45
  • Three Major Directions of Waste Plastic Recycling

    ​The recycling and utilization of waste plastics is a key part of plastic pollution control. At present, after waste plastics are recycled, most of them are re-invested in social production in three forms.

    2022-08-25 16:42:45
  • Anaerobic Fermentation of Domestic Waste Recycling

    Anaerobic fermentation of domestic waste refers to the decomposition of organic matter by microorganisms under anaerobic conditions, in which C, H, O are converted into biogas - methane and carbon dioxide, while trace elements such as N, P, K are stored in the residue and be converted into matters easily absorbed and utilized by passive plants.

    2022-08-25 16:08:26
  • Twin-shaft Tyre Shredder with Rotating Screen

    Yuxi waste tyre shredder is designed with a rotating screen, which cleverly integrates the shredding machine and screening machine into one machine.

    2022-08-22 17:08:09

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