What Are the Ways to Dispose Domestic Waste?

domestic waste sorting plant

What are the ways to dispose domestic waste? What are the different uses after recycling?

The composition of domestic waste is complex. The primary domestic waste includes such as plastic bags, waste paper, wood, foam, sponge, muck, metal, and leftovers. In the past, it was directly disposed of by landfill, which not only took up a lot of underground space, but also contaminate soil and groundwater. The direct incineration of domestic waste for power generation not only has low calorific value and insufficient incineration, but also produces harmful gases such as dioxins.

We can learn from many places that "garbage is misplaced resource". Therefore, with the advancement of industrial technology, domestic waste recycling system is here. The domestic waste recycling system is to smash the domestic waste with a domestic waste shredder, and then use a trommel screen, a magnetic separator, a wind separator, an organic separator, a flotation machine, a dehydrator, a RDF forming machine, an eddy current separator, and a series of equipment classify domestic waste in detail, and then efficiently recycle different materials.

After the domestic waste is processed, the wood, metal, muck and other debris are usually sorted out, and then the remaining plastic, foam, cloth and other combustibles with high calorific value are uniformly processed into RDF particles, which become an important fuel for power plants. Some non-profit domestic waste disposal centers will also directly package the combustibles in the domestic waste to the power plant for incineration treatment, and no further deep processing will be made for profit. It is also the existence of this phenomenon that many companies professionally come to purchase high-calorie-value materials sorted by such disposal centers, and then process them into high-value-added products. The domestic waste is simply crushed and then classified, the classified materials are sold separately, and the materials that are not easy to be sold are sent to the incineration plant for treatment.

Zhengzhou Yuxi Machinery has been engaged in the research and development of solid waste disposal systems and corresponding processing equipment for a long time, and has rich practical experience in this field. For example, in the disposal of domestic waste, if it is made into fuel with high calorific value, we will help enterprises to separate vinyl plastic, polyethylene film, foam, cloth, etc., and the calorific value exceeds that of thermal coal, and make it into high calorific value waste-derived fuel (RDF). Moreover, the residues after the incineration of domestic waste can also be reused as fertilizers, cement kiln synergistic materials, etc.

In a word, according to the end use and purpose of domestic waste disposal, the structure and equipment of waste sorting line can be flexibly configured to achieve high resource utilization or to produce mixed products with high calorific value.

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