Domestic Waste Sorting Line

1. Yuxi MSW domestic waste sorting line can effectively do shredding, screening, crushing, packaging and transportation of bulky household waste, and the recycling of waste paper, plastic, glass and metal.

2. The household waste sorting machine is often used in the first stage of domestic garbage processing or after recycling. 

3. The more critical equipment in the automatic MSW waste segregation machine includes domestic waste shredding equipment, crushing equipment, winnowing machine, shaftless trommel screening machine, eddy current sorting machine, etc.


Domestic Waste Sorting Line

Introduction to Domestic Waste Sorting Line

With the rapid development of economy and continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more bulky waste is produced in the process of urban production and life, for example old sofas, old beds, old table and desks, etc. Urban garbage occupies a lot of land, pollutes the environment, and sometimes has an increasingly obvious impact on human health. Therefore, Yuxi Machinery researched and produced automatic bulky domestic waste sorting machine, making it a reality to turn domestic waste into treasure.


Household Waste Segregation Machine

The household waste separation machine is often used in the first stage of domestic garbage processing or after recycling. The more critical equipment in the MSW sorting line includes bulky waste shredder, garbage crusher, shredding equipment, winnowing machine, shaftless trommel screening machine, eddy current sorting machine, etc. The production process of  domestic waste sorting must be based on the requirements of the subsequent processing technology and the characteristics of the waste.


Main Equipment of Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine

1. Bulky Waste Shredder: Bulky waste shredder (double shaft shredders) are often used in environmental protection fields such as municipal solid waste disposal, resource regeneration, and waste incineration pretreatment. The two shafts with blades in the working chamber shred and crush materials through tearing and shearing. Large waste shredder has the characteristics of large shearing force, good shredding effect, low noise and good stability.

2. Eddy Current Sorting MachineEddy current sorting is an effective non-ferrous metal recovery method. Eddy current sorting machine has the advantages of excellent sorting effect, strong adaptability, reliable mechanical structure, light structure, strong repulsion (adjustable), high sorting efficiency and large processing capacity. It is mainly used to separate non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum from mixed materials in electronic waste recycling and processing production lines. Eddy current sorter can be popularized and applied in the field of environmental protection, especially in the non-ferrous metal recycling industry.

3. Garbage Crusher: The garbage crusher is crushing equipment to crush brittle materials with compressive strength less than 350Mpa. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio, uniform size of finished materials, less over-crushing, low energy consumption, large adjustment range of particle size, etc. Yuxi garbage crusher can do medium and fine crushing operations on materials with medium hardness.

4. Winnowing Machine: Using the principle of aerodynamics, the winnowing machine separates the light, small and heavy substances in the mixed material under the combined action of the controllable positive pressure airflow and negative pressure airflow, and takes it away upwards or into the settling chamber in the horizontal direction.

5. Hydraulic Baler: Hydraulic baler is specially used for the compression and packing of domestic waste, textiles, waste cardboard boxes, PET bottles, plastic films, straw, and other loose materials. Hydraulic baler is suitable for waste sorting stations, carton factories, packaging factories, printing factories, professional recycling stations, etc.

6. Shaftless Trommel Screening Machine: Shaftless trommel screening machine rotates the simplified screen so that the scattered materials can pass through the simplified screen, so that the materials smaller than the screen holes and the materials larger than the screen holes can be separated. The screen cylinder of Yuxi shaftless trommel screening machine can be designed into circular and inner octagonal, and the primary bag breaking effect can be realized, and the screening machine has the function of self-cleaning.


Working Process of Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Line

(1) Large-flow urban waste is transported to the waste treatment plant through various waste transfer stations.

(2) After the garbage bag is broken by bag breaker, the garbage in the bag will be scattered to prepare for the classification.

(3) The scattered garbage will enter the screening device through the conveyor belt, and the screening device will screen the garbage into two types: the above-screen and the under-screen. The under-screen is stone, sediment and ferromagnetic substances will be transmitted to the second magnetic separation machine for separating the ferromagnetic substances, and then transfers it to the storage for transfer, landfill or other treatment.

(4) After the garbage is crushed and sieved to make the particle size uniform, the sieved material on the sieve is quantitatively fed into the sorting machine, and the material on the sieve is soft and light.


(5) The sorting device selects renewable resources and non-renewable resources by intelligent machine vision manipulator. Renewable resources, such as combustibles and perishables, of which combustibles are used as raw materials for enterprise production; perishables are made into organic fertilizers for agricultural use, with high recycling rate.

The non-renewable resources sorted by the sorting device are transferred to the first magnetic separation machine to separate the ferromagnetic substances in industrial waste and construction waste, such as iron nails, steel bars, iron sand, iron fragments, etc. These iron substances are sorted out from the garbage to improve the utilization rate of waste resources.

(6) The garbage after magnetic separation enters the winnowing machine, and the air separation realizes the separation of light materials and other heavy material. The light materials are mainly plastics, rubber, paper, leaves, grass, etc., with simple and high calorific value, they can be transferred to steam boilers for power generation or other processing, while heavy materials are transferred to storage for transfer, landfill or other processing.

Advantages of Yuxi MSW Domestic Waste Separation Machine

Yuxi MSW domestic waste sorting machine can effectively do shredding, screening, crushing, packaging and transportation of bulky domestic waste, industrial waste, construction waste, etc., and recycling waste paper, plastic, glass and metal, so as to realize the harmlessness, reduction, resource utilization and energy conversion of domestic waste. Today, Yuxi household waste separating machine is widely used in many industries in many countries. The use of MSW domestic waste segregation machine is also adapted to local conditions.

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