Tire Rubber Rasper

Advantages of Yuxi Steel Tyre Rubber Rasper

1. 10-20 mm rubber discharging size

2. 40mm thickness of working chamber

3. Hydraulic system

4. Water system

5. D2: 55-60HRC Hardness of blades


Tire Rubber Rasper

Introduction to Tire Rubber Rasper

Tire rubber rasper is a equipment that separates rubber and steel wire, and is mainly used in the recycling of waste tires. The waste tires are shredded, crushed, milled, separated and screened to make pure rubber powder, steel wire and nylon, ad these finished products can be directly sent to the corresponding factories as industrial raw materials, for example, steel-making, textiles, construction, building materials, etc.

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Importance of Tyre Rubber Rasper

Waste tires contain natural rubber, synthetic rubber synthesized with coal, petroleum, etc., which cannot be decomposed and are a kind of harmful garbage. The steel wire rubber separator can separate and process the waste tires. Waste tire is crushed and the steel wire is stripped by the tire rubber rasper, then steel wire is recovered by magnetic separator. Recovered steel wire and rubber can be reused.

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Features of Steel Wire Rubber Separator

1. The output is 10-15mm rubber particles.

2. The rubber block with steel wire can be processed into rubber particles, and the steel wire and rubber can be separated at the same time.

3. Humanized design, simple operation, convenient maintenance and repair.

4. The new type of crushing and separating structure makes the equipment occupy less space.

5. Lower overall power and lower equipment cost.

6. Better crushing and screening effect.

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