Waste PCB Recycling Line

Metal recovery rate: 93% to 98%

Average metal content of non-metallic powders: ≤2% to 5%

Processing capacity: basic E-waste processing and recycling line and waste scrap PCB sorting line are with annual processing capacity about 3,000 tons, customization is also available.

Waste PCB materials can be recovered to copper-based precious metal mixtures and non-metallic powder mixtures through physical processes.


Waste PCB Recycling Line

Introduction to E-waste PCB Crushing and Separating Machine
E-waste refers to discarded electrical appliance or electronic equipment, such as lithium battery, washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, computers, calculators, etc. The housings of electronic appliances are generally made of iron, plastic, steel or aluminum. Therefore, we can use electronic waste crushing and sorting machinery to recycle plastics and metals such as iron, steel, copper and aluminum from e-waste for secondary use.

E-waste is known as "urban mine", Yuxi Machinery provides customers with customized waste PCB board recycling machines. Yuxi waste PCB shredder and waste PCB processing and recycling plant is mainly designed for environmental dismantling and recycling of waste circuit board, E scrap, border material, scrap board and drilling powder generated by PCB and circuit board manufacturers. The whole E scrap crushing and sorting line has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, energy saving and high efficiency, environmental protection and so on.


Advantages of E Scrap PCB Sorting Machine

1. The waste printed circuit board recycle equipment adopts PLC to control the whole PCB processing and separating line to feed evenly and coordinate the operation.

2. The whole waste PCB processing and recycling equipment is carried out in a closed space, the working environment is free of any pollution.
3. Processing capacity: basic E-waste processing line is with annual processing capacity about 3,000 tons, customization is also available.

4. Air separation equipment can increase the separation rate to 97%.

5. high voltage electrostatic separator makes the separation more precise and efficient, effectively control the loss of non-ferrous metals.

6. The waste PCB crushing and sorting line is equipped with magnetic separator which can separate iron from the material.

7. The crushing and grinding chamber uses circulating water to control temperature and reduce noise.

8. Bridge and guardrail are set at the height of the whole waste PCB crushing and separating plant to facilitate maintenance personnel to monitor and maintain the equipment in real time.

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Application of E Scrap PCB Crushing Separating Plant

Waste PCB Recycling Plant is used to recycle all kinds of Printed Circuit boards, such as the computer boards, cell phone boards, TV boards, copper-clad laminate, and other household appliances, and the separation of leftover material of the mixed metal and nonmetal materials.

Because of the high value of the metals, fiber and resin, there is no doubt that this plant not only help to change waste into treasure, but also bring great economic benefits. Through years of practice and theoretical analysis, we obtain the best separation result, the separating purity can be reached to 99%.

Waste PCB materials can be recovered to copper-based precious metal mixtures and non-metallic powder mixtures through physical processes such as tearing, rough breaking, crushing, air flow sorting, vibration gravity separation, static sorting, etc. Dust and exhaust gas produced in the production process are collected in an orderly manner and do purification treatment before discharging.

pcb recycling machine

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