Plastic Crusher

Features of Plastic Crusher Machine:

Production capacity: 400-60,000kg/h

Feeding size: 500-3,000mm

Applicable materials: mineral water bottles, PET bottles, oil bottles, gasoline bottles, plastic buckets, plastic pallets, plastic baskets and other plastic products.

Application field: plastic crushing, recycling and processing industry.


Plastic Crusher

Introduction to Plastic Crusher Machine

Plastic crusher machine is a kind of crushing equipment specially developed for plastic recycling industry, which is conducive to plastic recycling and regenerating plastic particles. Yuxi plastic crushing machine is used to shred various soft and hard plastic products, such as mineral water bottles, PET bottles, oil bottles, gasoline bottles, plastic barrels, plastic pipes, waste plastic frames and other materials. Yuxi mini plastic shredder machine has characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise, etc.


Composition of Plastic Crushing Machine

The waste plastic crusher for sale is composed of a crushing structure, stand, a recycling box and a pull cart. The size of industrial plastic crusher is determined by materials and capacity you want, sometimes, small plastic shredder is enough. The plastic shredder machine price is internally designed with a filter screen device. When the plastic shredding machine is working normally, the filter screen plays a role in separating materials and liquids, effectively recycling the liquid remaining on the bottle. After gasoline bottle being crushed, the residual gasoline can be effectively separated and recovered.


Working Principle of Plastic Crusher Machine

When the waste plastic crusher machine is working, raw material is pressed by working plastic crusher machine, so as to achieve the automatic feeding. Duo to unique structure, the cutter shafts and rotary cutters won't wind shafts or jam the scrap plastic shredder machine when they are in the low-speed and high-torque, thereby improving production efficiency. The plastic bottle crusher is suitable for crushing various plastic products.


Advantages of Plastic Bottle Shredder

1. Cutter can be repaired with coating and welding repair technology if it’s wore out, to realize the repeated use and greatly reduce the maintenance cost of cutters.

2. Both the inner hole of cutters and the spindle surface adopt a hexagonal design to realize the uniform force of cutter.

3. The thickness of cutters and the number of claws can be changed according to different materials.

4. Yuxi plastic bottle shredder is designed with PLC control system, start, stop, reverse and overload can be automatically controlled.

5. The plastic shredding equipment is small in size, which is easy to move, simple and safe.

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Rotor Speedrpm560560560560560560
Rotating Blades                 PCS                                  
-BPCS12 15 18◎24◎24◎60◎
Fixed BladesPCS2                 4446
Screen DiametermmФ10Ф10Ф12Ф12Ф12Ф12
Cutting Chamber Sizemm270*400270*500370*600370*800480*800480*1000
Outputkg/h300~ 550400 ~ 650400~ 700600 ~ 900700~1200800~1600
NoisedB(A)80~ 9580~ 9580~ 9580~ 9580~ 9580~ 95
Motor lifting device for hopper
Materials box
Blower conveying system
Fixed magnet at feeding mouth
Dedusting device
(L X W x H) Overall sizemm1315*960*14851315*1060*14851630*1185*18751630*1385*18751800*1430*21301800*1630*2130


1) "√" is standard configuration, "◎ " is selection purchase.
2) "V" shaped paddle blades type is standard configuration, "-A"means claw blades type (staggered blades type), "-B"means flat blades type.
3) The max. shredding quantity depends on the diameter of mesh hole and shredding materials.

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