How to Recycle and Reuse Landscaping Waste?

The landscaping waste shredder can initially physically crush branches and leaves, thin trunks and roots in landscaping garbage, and complete the preliminary treatment process of landscaping garbage recycling and reusing. After crushing, the volume of landscaping waste is generally reduced by 40%-60%. During pulverization, the landscaping waste can be classified and pulverized according to the needs. The recycling of landscaping waste is the trend of landscaping waste treatment. Let me introduce how the landscaping waste can be recycled and reused!

landscaping waste shredder

1. Incineration for Power Generation

After the primary crushing, landscaping waste can be directly used for biomass power plant for incineration and power generation.

2. As Organic Cover of Green Land

Crushed landscaping plants of coarser dryness and concentrated smashing of branches can be sold after sorting, dyeing and other procedures. Crushed landscaping plants can also be directly used for green spaces by covering on green spaces such as tree ponds and tall trees and groves, which is accompanied by beautifying the bare loess area, maintaining soil moisture, adjusting soil temperature, controlling weeds, reducing pests and diseases, absorb dust, etc. In addition, after the organic mulch using for a period of time and is rot, the rot organic mulch can be part of the soil fertilizer, and the green space can be covered with new organic mulch, forming a virtuous cycle of improving the soil and increasing the fertility of the green space.

3. Making Compost

After the green waste is crushed, it can be collected and transported to the compost production site to produce organic compost by a professional company. In recent years, with the continuous development of biotechnology, after adding ingredients such as food waste, anaerobic fermentation and other methods are used to produce organic fertilizer. However, in the practical application of this method, there are problems such as large occupation of land, low fertility, complicated process, long time for oil and salt removal and degradation.

4. Making Bio-Pellet Fuel

The preliminarily crushed crumbs containing more wood can be further processed to produce bio-granular fuel by adding sawdust, which can produce processed products with certain market demand. This method is costly and requires high environmental control due to the influence of more dust and other factors in the production process.

5. Production of Preliminary Carbonized Products

The crushed green waste is subjected to medium and low temperature anaerobic pyrolysis and carbonization, and different processes are used to generate carbon materials for combustion or for catering fire or life heating; it can also be used to produce relatively environmentally friendly carbon powder fertilizer, which can improve the soil to a certain extent and has great significance to the cultivation of modern high-yield economic crops and ornamental plants. This kind of treatment method requires a large investment in equipment, and the waste water and waste gas generated in the carbonization process have higher requirements on subsequent treatment, and it is difficult to assess the environmental impact and select site.

6. Making Organic Activated Carbon

Through the high-temperature anaerobic cracking of the crushed green waste, and a series of subsequent harmless treatment procedures for waste water, waste gas, metals, etc., various activated carbon powders with high added value and a wide range of uses can be produced. This method has high technical requirement and broad prospects.


It is imperative to recycle landscaping waste, and crushing is an important primary treatment process for landscaping waste. Zhengzhou Yuxi Machinery can provide various types of green waste shredders for crushing landscaping waste to 3-10cm. The crushed green and garden waste can be well entered into the next step of recycling process, ensuring the smooth operation of the entire production line.

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