Two-shaft Shredder Shreds and Recycles Waste Building Form-work

Building form-work is an important material in modern building construction. It is a temporary support structure, and its main function is to make the concrete bear the load according to the specified position and geometry. After the concrete is formed, it will be demolished. The materials of building form-work mainly include wood plywood, film-coated board, multi-layer board, double-sided compound glue, glass fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum alloy, bamboo wood, steel and so on. Among them, wood plywood has the advantages of light weight, large area, easy disassembly, good construction performance, convenient construction of various buildings, few joints, and can be freely cut into special sizes according to the needs of the project, therefore, it is one of the most widely used building form-work types.


However, building form-work has a lifespan. Taking wood form-work as an example, under normal circumstances, it can be used 8 to 15 times. Although its service life can be extended through certain measures, the using times is limited, and a large number of them have no recycling value. How to deal with waste building template? Zhengzhou Yuxi Machinery provides a feasible solution: use a twin-shaft shredder to shred it, and then use a screening machine to sort out recyclable materials such as metals, and non-combustible materials such as concrete, and then use an RDF molding machine to process the combustibles into RDF pellets. RDF pellet is a very popular fuel, and the price of high-quality wooden RDF fuel can reach several hundreds USD Dollars per ton in many places.

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Dual Shaft Shredder for Construction Wood-form Waste

Yuxi double-shaft shredder can safely shred all kinds of wooden waste in building demolition and decoration waste, including building templates, sofa mattresses, tables, chairs, benches, etc. After crushing, the iron nails, iron wires and other materials inside can be separated. The domestic waste shredder works at low speed, with higher safety, low equipment wear, low noise, and does not generate a lot of dust. Moreover, it can also shred and crush various solid wastes including garden waste, bulky waste, etc., and one machine can be used for multiple purposes.

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Zhengzhou Yuxi Machinery focuses on crushing and sorting solutions in the field of solid waste disposal. The main equipment we produce includes waste shredders, waste crushers, grinding machine and sorting equipment. We provide seven major waste recycling solutions, namely large waste recycling plant, industrial waste recycling plant, construction and decoration waste recycling plant, waste tire recycling plant, hazardous waste recycling plant, kitchen waste recycling plant and domestic waste recycling plant.

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