Fuel Derived from Waste Tires Is Replacing Traditional Fuels

Waste tires are known as "black pollution" in the industry, and their recycling and processing technology has always been a worldwide problem. Germany has established a strict recycling system, and it is strictly forbidden to discard waste tire at will, and even legislate to prohibit the disposal of waste tires in landfill. Japan has begun to use a variety of technologies and methods to dispose of waste tires. Every state in the United States has introduced special laws or regulations for the disposal of waste tires. The EPA, based on its 15 years of industry experience with more than 80 companies, has identified waste tire-derived fuel (TDF) as a viable option to replace conventional fuels.

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1. TDF Combustion Emits Less Harmful Gases

According to a research test, the biomass content of waste tires includes natural rubber, rayon and stearic acid; the biomass content of used car tires ranges from 17% to 20%, and the biomass content of used truck tires is between 28% to 30%.

2. TDF Has 20-50% More Calorific Value than Coal

Since the burned waste tire-derived fuel contains more biomass components, the test results show that:

(1) The carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emitted by the combustion of tires are less than those emitted by the combustion of high-sulfur coal.

(2) The ash residue of waste tires contains less heavy metals than some coals.

(3) Waste tires produce as much energy as oil when burned, 25-50% more than coal, and 100-200% more than wood.

Comparing the cost of waste tires and coal requires a more complicated formula, which is roughly as follows: According to the different types of tires, the calorific value of waste tires when burning is 7200-8300 kcal. If waste tires are calculated at 8,000 kcal, and coal is calculated at 5,200 kcal, the calorific value of waste tires when burned is about 1.54 times that of coal, that is, the calorific value generated when 0.65 tons of waste tire rubber is burned is equivalent to 1 ton of coal (1/1.54=0.65).

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3. Industries Using Tire-derived Fuels (TDF)

The Earth produces billions of scrap tires each year, most of which are recycled by energy-intensive industries such as cement plants, power plants, and paper mills; not only because of their high energy content, but also because they are cheaper than coal, producing cleaner emissions and lower moisture content.

3.1 Cement Plant

The cement industry uses more waste tire fuel than any other industry. According to EPA records, cement kilns in the United States use about 71 million tires each year.

3.2 Power Plant

Electric utility boilers use about 42 million tires a year in China. These boilers burn coal to generate electricity before, but power plants now use TDF as a supplemental fuel to coal due to the high calorific value and low cost of TDF.

3.3 Paper Mill

The paper making industry uses approximately 30 million tires each year as boiler fuel in China.

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4. Preparation technology of TDF derived fuel

The TDF-derived fuel preparation technology for waste tires independently developed by Zhengzhou Yuxi Machinery has the advantages of compact overall structure, low noise, high output, low energy consumption, simple operation, convenient disassembly and assembly, and no environmental pollution. The tire shredder tool adopts high alloy steel imported from Europe, and the detachable and exchangeable double-row knife structure design greatly improves the utilization rate of the knives. Coarse crushing and fine crushing are processed simultaneously in different functional areas in the same tool box, saving energy and space.

Yuxi waste tire recycling machine solves the problems of resource recovery and secondary utilization of waste tires, and meets the development requirements of current sustainable energy development and the search for alternative new energy sources.

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