Three Major Directions of Waste Plastic Recycling

The recycling and utilization of waste plastics is a key part of plastic pollution control. At present, after waste plastics are recycled, most of them are re-invested in social production in three forms.

Recycled material: After manual screening and classification, waste plastics are crushed, granulated, and modified into various transparent and non-transparent plastic granules, which will be classified according to their appearance, and then become recycled materials that can be reused.


Fuel: In recent years, Japan has made use of the high calorific value of waste plastics to mix various combustible wastes to make solid fuels (RDF) with a calorific value of 20933kJ/kg and uniform particle size, which can be used for storage, transportation and supply to other boilers and industrial kilns to replace coal.

The blast furnace injection technology use waste plastic with suitable particle size as a raw material and inject them into the blast furnace to replace coke or pulverized coal. The application of waste plastic injection in foreign blast furnaces shows that the utilization rate of waste plastics reaches 80%, the emission is 0.1%-1.0% of the incineration amount, and the harmful gases are less and the treatment cost is lower.


Power generation: power generation by waste solid fuel was initially applied in the United States, and there are 37 RDF power stations, accounting for 21.6% of waste power stations. Japan has realized the huge potential of power generation by waste solid fuel. In Japan, some small waste incineration stations have been changed to RDF production stations to facilitate continuous large-scale power generation after concentration, so that the steam parameters of the waste power station have been increased from 30,012 to about 45,012, and the power generation efficiency has been increased from the original 15% to 20%-25% .

The recycling of waste plastics should focus on reduction, recycling, resourceization and standardization. For recycling of waste plastics, Zhengzhou Yuxi Machinery has designed waste plastic crusher machine and twin shaft shredder to assist the recycling of waste plastics.

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