Treatment and Sorting Line of Household Waste

Applicable to: sorting and recycling municipal solid waste such as various plastics, non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, glass, paper, kitchen waste, masonry and other inert materials.


Yuxi Focuses on Garbage Sorting and Recycling Solution

For waste sorting and recycling, Yuxi Machinery has been committed to researching the world's most advanced core technology of waste treatment. Our automatic MSW sorting line for municipal solid waste can separate and recycle glass, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, plastics, paper, inerts and organics, etc. from municipal solid waste. Recyclable materials are sorted by specification and then baled and compacted to be sold on the market. Domestic waste can also be further processed into waste-derived fuel (RDF/SRF).

As the amount of municipal solid waste has been increasing, the comprehensive waste recycling solution not only has economic value, but also conforms to the circular economy model of building lucid waters and lush mountains.


From Pre-sorting to Recycling of Domestic Waste

The municipal solid waste enters the conveyor through the conveying system, passes through the large waste pre-treatment system, and then enters the crushing system, trommel screen, etc., to shred the waste into different sizes of waste. This process can effectively separate the kitchen food waste. Magnetic separation systems, eddy current separation systems, wind separation systems and optical sorting systems are used to collect and sort plastic, paper, metal and other recyclable materials with different colors and textures. The under-sieved organic matter can be used for composting/incineration, and the inert material can be used to make cement bricks or building cement aggregates.

The remaining combustible materials in the garbage include mixed plastics, mixed paper, composite fabrics, rubber, etc. The unclassified material can be used to make RDF and SRF, which can be used for pyrolysis gasification power generation, or incineration power generation.

If the customer does not have the conditions to build a waste treatment plant, Zhegnzhou Yuxi Machinery also has solutions to reduce the amount of waste by incineration, which can effectively reduce the volume of waste by about 95%. Combustibles can also be pyrolyzed into bio-oil, combustible gas, and bio-char or bio-fertilizer.


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