Main Equipment of Tire Processing and Recycling Line

In recent years, caused by the rapid development of the automobile, the short of raw rubber is increasingly day by day. How to effectively use the scrap tires has become a global problem.

Tire Shredder

How to use a large number of waste tires economically and effectively has become a key research topic in rubber recycling. After several years of research and drawing on the experience of similar products, through continuous improvement, Yuxi machinery has successfully developed advanced tire shredder with convenient operation and high production efficiency, and the tyre shredder machine can be used to effectively process of all kinds of waste tires, to reach the purpose of secondary recycling of waste resource.


Tire Wire Drawing Machine

The machine is mainly used for pulling out the steel wire inside old tires, so that old tires without steel wires can be easily shredded by old tire shredder in the next procedure. Tire wire drawing machine can protect the blades of tire shredding machine, prolong the service life of tire shredding machine, and improve the work efficiency of tire shredding equipment.


Tire Rasper

Tire rasper is mainly used to processed the material discharged from tire shredder machine, and can process rubber blocks with 100mm×100mm into rubber particles with 10-15mm. Tire rasper is designed with magnetic separation system that can separate steel wire and rubber., and the separation degree is up to 95%.


Rubber Granulator

Rubber granulator machine is mainly used together with tire shredding machine, in the third process of waste tire recycling production line. Rubber granulator is mainly used for processing materials discharged from tire wire rasper to achieve finer and more pure material.

Rubber granulator machine is designed with magnetic separation system, can better process the a small amount of steel wire and tire fiber discharged from tire rasper, for higher efficiency of waste processing and recycling line processing.

tire granulator

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