Characteristics of Solid Waste Treatment Industry

1. Industrial Chain of Solid Waste Treatment Industry

Solid waste treatment industry has formed a relatively mature industrial chain, of which the upstream industry is the manufacturer of solid waste sorting equipment, mainly including solid waste incineration equipment, MSW sorting machine, domestic waste sorting line, exhaust gas purification treatment equipment, dust removal equipment, kitchen waste treatment equipment and sludge drying treatment, etc.; the midstream industry can be divided into solid waste treatment engineering companies and solid waste treatment operation companies according to the company's main business categories; the downstream industry is the renewable resource utilization industry, which is mainly divided into feed, fertilizer industry, metal, plastic industry, Biogas utilization industry, metal recycling industry, etc.


2. Development Law and Characteristics of the Environmental Protection Industry

In recent years, the waste treatment industry has shown a development law of resource utilization and synergy. The demand for "reduction, recycling and harmless treatment" of urban domestic waste continues to be strong, and the utilization of waste resources will become the mainstream direction. Waste-to-Energy is gradually accepted by people due to its clean and environmentally friendly characteristics, and the Waste-to-Energy power generation industry is in its golden period of development. In addition, the co-processing of domestic waste and sludge has also become a new development trend in the industry in recent years, and the market space of this treatment method is expected to continue to increase.

The garbage disposal industry has the following development characteristics: enterprises in the garbage disposal industry generally conduct business after obtaining long-term and stable franchise rights, and their operating performance is characterized by stability and continuity; The distribution of operating income of garbage disposal enterprises is characterized by a certain geographical concentration due to the regional characteristic of franchise model; Waste treatment industry generally have large investment scale, and the industry is characterized by capital-intensive.


3. Technical Characteristics of MSW Sorting Industry

At present, the prominent technical features of the domestic Waste-to-Energy power generation and sludge disposal industry are:

(1) Apply mature and stable technologies to prevent secondary pollution

As an urban infrastructure project, customers pay special attention to the stability, reliability and safety of domestic waste incineration power generation and sludge disposal projects during long-term operation. After the preconditions are fully guaranteed, their investment and operating costs will be considered. Secondary pollution caused by domestic waste incineration and sludge disposal is a common concern at home and abroad, and it is also the key to energy utilization. Therefore, domestic and foreign domestic waste incineration power plants and sludge disposal plants generally tend to adopt mature and stable technologies to effectively prevent secondary pollution of the environment, to ensure long-term stable operation of the system.

(2) Comprehensive Treatment of Environmental Protection Issues

The treatment of garbage and sludge in the industry is not only based on the reduction and harmlessness, but also combined with the "resource-based" orientation, and continuously improves the recycling and utilization of waste garbage and sludge resources through technological innovation. A new trend in the future will be the transformation from the treatment of subdivided professional fields of garbage and sludge disposal to the systematic or comprehensive solutions to environmental protection problems, so as to achieve the goal of comprehensiveness and systematization.

(3) Technology Integration of WTE and Sludge Disposal System

The continuous technological innovation in the industry continues to produce new single technologies, which play a certain role in improving the quality of a single process and reducing costs. However, due to the ultimate impact of a single technology on the entire system is very complex and limited, it is rarely widely used. In order to realize the high-efficiency and low-cost operation of the entire system, the enterprise itself should build or integrate and coordinate technology patents and resources, and organically combine and integrate the existing technology patents and process packages individually to create a comprehensive technology integration capability, so as to improve the working efficiency of the entire domestic waste sorting system and sludge disposal system.

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