Operation and Maintenance of Metal Shredding Equipment

The metal shredder is a heavy equipment that can be used alone to complete the shredding and crushing process of scrap metal. The metal shredder can also be used in conjunction with other metal processing equipment to form a metal crushing and sorting line, which is convenient for multiple crushing operations of metals.

dual shaft shredder

1. When installing the metal shredder, it should be installed on a concrete foundation with a depth of 350--400 mm. After the concrete foundation reaches the solidification period, tightens the anchor bolts, connects the power line. the grounding line is reliably grounded, and the test run can be carried out.

2. Before the test run, check again whether all the bolts of the metal shredder are tightened, whether the connecting parts are in reliable contact, adjust the tightness of the reducer and the V-belt, and add oil to the bearing bush, chain and sprocket. The scrap metal shredder must be started under no-load. Before starting, carefully check each component, check the elasticity of the spring, the tightness of the belt and sprocket, and the lubrication of the bearing bush. Then turn the pulley manually to confirm that there are no obstacles in the parts before starting the machine to run empty.

metal crusher (2)

3. When the metal shredding machine is in operation, observe whether there is noise and vibration in the shredder, whether the pulley swings, and whether the chain is buckled. If any abnormality is found, stop the machine immediately for inspection and maintenance. After confirming that there is no abnormality, the load test can be carried out after 30 minutes of no-load test. First use materials with small hardness and particle size for crushing, and if there is no abnormality, it can be put into normal production.

4. When stop the metal shredder, wait for all the materials to be discharged, and no remaining materials should be stored in the hopper, so as to prevent damage to the machine due to misoperation during the next startup. In order to ensure the long-term good use of the metal crusher machine, it is necessary to refuel all parts frequently. Add engine oil before starting up every time. Add calcium-based grease to bearings every three months, and oil the chain once a week,add calcium-based grease to the sprocket shaft every fifteen days, and clean the chain thoroughly with diesel once a month.


5. Check the blade frequently. The blade should have a smooth appearance without pits and large scratches. When adjusting the gap between the rollers, firstly tighten the adjustment handwheel, then loosen the handwheel, and adjust according to the distance of 3 mm per turn of the handwheel. When the proper clearance is adjusted, lock the nut, to prevent improper adjustment so that the rollers are not parallel, resulting in partial wear of the bearing bush.

6. Check carefully when feeding to prevent superhard materials and iron from entering the machine. It is strictly forbidden to troubleshoot during operation, and any cleaning work is strictly prohibited. Before stopping the machine, you must stop feeding the machine, and stop the machine after all the materials in the machine are broken and discharged. Always check the V-belt and sprocket chain of dual shaft metal shredder, if the damage reaches 30%, they must be replaced with new ones, and the old and new cannot be mixed.

Metal shredders are widely used in waste metal recycling, material crushing in metal products companies, metal smelting and processing and other industries. The metal shredder belongs to the coarse crushing equipment of raw materials, and its crushing method is the roller shearing and shredding. The to-be-crushed material should be a brittle metal material, and the shape of the crushed material is mostly regular flakes. The compressive strength of the to-be-crushed material should do not exceed 65MPa (grade 3 hardness), and the material moisture content should be below 6%, because particles will bond if the material moisture content exceeds 6%.

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