Volume Reduction Disposal and Recycling of Bulky Waste

Bulky waste refers to waste that weighs more than 5kg or has a volume greater than 0.2 cubic meters or a length of more than 1 meter and has a strong integrity and needs to be disassembled for reuse or disposal. In daily life, bulky waste refers to family Sofas, mattresses, wardrobes and other furniture with strong integrity and large volume.

At present, there are two directions for the disposal of bulky waste:

double shaft shredder

Volume Reduction Disposal of Bulky Waste

Process: feeding + crushing + magnetic separation + packing, the bulky waste can be fully reduced in volume for transshipment, and the last waste can be used as fuel incineration.

The bulky garbage is transported to the crushing equipment through the conveying equipment, and the materials processed by the bulky waste shredder fall on the discharge conveying equipment. A self-unloading iron remover is hung above the discharge conveying equipment, which can wipe off iron in the crushed waste. The ferrous metal doped in the material is successfully removed, and the material after magnetic separation can be directly packaged or collected for transportation.

Domestic-Waste-Recycling-Line (3)

Recycling Disposal of Bulky Waste

On the basis of reducing the volume of bulky waste, the materials are disposed of in a more refined process. The process can be summarized as crushing + iron removal + winnowing + RDF forming, and metal, wood, RDF and other materials can be obtained.

The bulky waste dispose adopts the "multi-stage crushing + multi-stage sorting" process, which is a refined large-size waste resource utilization system designed by Yuxi Machinery for the comprehensive treatment of bulky waste resources. The bulky waste is sent to large double-shaft shredder dedicated to bulky waste through the chain plate conveyor for primary crushing, and then primary crushed waste enters into the secondary crusher to be crushed into finer and more uniform materials, and then a magnetic separator will remove ferrous metals, then combustible light substances are selected by wind separator, and finally processed into fuel particles by RDF molding machine. At the same time, the heavy materials selected by wind, such as wood, can be sold.

Domestic-Waste-Recycling-Line (2)

These two bulky waste disposal production line systems can be equipped with the intelligent control system and dust removal equipment independently developed by Yuxi Machinery, which can realize highly automated cleaning operations. At the same time, Yuxi monitoring system can monitor the operation of the equipment in real time, and when there is a problem with the equipment, it can intelligently alarm and shut down to protect the equipment.

Volume reduction disposal is to simply change the physical form of bulky waste to reduce the land occupation capacity. Compared with volume reduction disposal, the "multi-level sorting" system of resource disposal can realize the automatic processing of bulky waste, with a high degree of resource utilization, and is more suitable for the treatment of mixed bulky waste.

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