Common Failure and Maintenance of Double-shaft Shredder

1. Double-shaft Shredder Does Not Work

A. The supply voltage is too high or too low → check whether the voltage is normal.

B. Broken wires, connectors and terminals fall off → repair the broken wires, and tighten the terminals.

C. The main power supply is not connected → check whether the main power supply is connected.

D. The thermal relay is disconnected due to overload → reset the thermal relay.

E. The fuse is blown → replace the fuse.

2. Cutters Over-wear

A. There are many hard objects in the material → install auxiliary equipment to remove hard objects,

B. The cutters are not made of high-quality material → use the original cutters or higher-quality cutters.

dual shaft shredder

3. Abnormal Noise

A. Check whether the metal is mistakenly thrown into the hopper → stop the double shaft shredder machine and remove the metal.

B. Check whether the bearing is damaged → stop the machine and replace the bearing.

C. The moving cutter touches the fixed cutter plate → adjust the distance between the moving cutter and the fixed cutter plate

D. A part is loose → check and tighten loose parts

4. Shutdown of Double-shaft Shredder

The dual shaft shredder is overloaded and shut down → clear the material in the equipment, start it manually in reverse, and then start it in forward direction.


In order to ensure the normal operation of the double-shaft shredder and prevent accidents, it needs to be maintained regularly.

1. Daily Maintenance of Double-shaft Shredder

A. No materials are allowed in the equipment before starting up.

B. No material is allowed in the equipment after shutdown.

C. Check whether there is abnormal sound and vibration under no-load condition.

D. Check whether the operation buttons and touch screen of the intelligent control cabinet are normal.

E. Check if there are any leakage of grease in the lubrication system.

2. Weekly Maintenance of Double-shaft Shredding Machine

A. Check whether the dual shaft shredding machine has loose or missing bolts and other fasteners.

B. Visually inspect the tightness of the cutter assembly in the crushing cavity and the damage of the cutter assembly.

C. Check whether there is material accumulation at the discharge port or the discharge baffle.

D. Observe whether the reciprocating pressing stroke track of the presser is abnormal, and check the fixing bolts of the presser.

large double shaft shredder

3. Monthly Maintenance of Double-shaft Shredder Machine

A. Check whether the cable and the signal wire of the intelligent control cabinet are disconnected and if the insulation layer is worn, and check whether the connection port is loose.

B. Check all fasteners of the equipment and tighten them as required.

C. Use the tool wear detection tool to detect tool wear.

D. Check whether the reducer needs oil replenishment or oil change.

E. Check whether the hydraulic system is working normally.

F. Check the clarity and damage of all safety stickers on the equipment.

4. Semi-annual Maintenance of Dual-shaft Shredder

A. Check the motor manual and perform maintenance work.

B. Check and clean the air filter.

C. Change the hydraulic oil at the hydraulic station.

D. Check pressure gauge.

E. Check the pressure filter and oil return filter at the outlet of the charge oil pump of the system.

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