Why Is Aluminum-plastic Separator More and More Popular?

What Is Aluminum-plastic Separator?

Aluminum-plastic separator refers to the equipment that completely separates aluminum-plastic composite materials into aluminum and plastic. It is completely dry-type physical separation, which does not cause secondary environmental pollution, and has good social and economic benefits.


Why Is Aluminum-plastic Separator More and More Popular?

With the rapid development of modern industrial technology, aluminum-plastic technology and products are more and more advanced, more and more aluminum-plastic products have been widely used in various fields of people's lives (such as food factories, cigarette factories, pharmaceutical factories, modern decoration materials, chemical industry Product packaging in many industries), which brings convenience to people, but also brings many disadvantages. Its leftovers and waste (waste and old flexible packaging bags, capsule boards, toothpaste skins, etc.) not only spread all over the world, but also penetrate into every corner of people's lives. These "white garbage" have seriously affected the living environment and quality of life of human beings. It not only pollutes the environment but also causes a great waste of resources. Aluminum-plastic composite materials can be completely separated into aluminum and plastic with the help of aluminum-plastic separating machine.

Yuxi new environmentally friendly aluminum-plastic separator can successfully separate aluminum-plastic composite materials into aluminum and plastic completely, and it's completely dry physical separation, without causing secondary environmental pollution.


Types of Aluminum-plastic Separating Machine

Medicine plate aluminum-plastic separator, aluminum-plastic plate separator, cable skin aluminum-plastic separator, plastic bottle cap aluminum-plastic separator, electrostatic aluminum-plastic separator, flexible packaging universal aluminum-plastic separator, circuit board aluminum-plastic separator and other physical separation equipment.

Application of Pure Aluminum and Plastic

The waste aluminum foil and waste aluminum foil plastic are directly separated by the aluminum-plastic separator, which can completely separate the aluminum foil from the plastic. Recycled aluminum foil can be used to smelt aluminum ingots, and it is also the first-class raw material for silver powder factories, fireworks factories, and aluminum factories (refined into aluminum lake); PVC plastic can be pressed into sheets, made into pipes for packaging and water pipelines.

Electrostatic Separator for Aluminum-plastic Separation

Electrostatic Separator

The electrostatic separator can sort various metals and plastics and other impurities, such as aluminum-plastics, waste printed circuit boards (copper and PCB), waste cables, ore separation, etc. Electrostatic separator can also sort various plastics such as PET, PVC, PP, PS, etc. Since cities have to eliminate a large amount of waste every year, using electrostatic separators can turn these wastes into treasures, without secondary pollution.

Main Parameters of Electrostatic Separator

1. Output: 1-10 tons/day (related to the mass/volume ratio of different materials)

2. Separation materials: various metals and plastics and other impurities, such as aluminum-plastic, waste printed circuit boards, waste cables, ore sorting, various PET, PVC, PP, PS and other plastics.

3. Sorting efficiency: The impurities after electrostatic sorting can be less than 0.1%, and the sorting purity can reach 99.9%.

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