Dry-type Copper Wire Crushing and Separating Machine

At present, there are many deficiencies and defects in the development of waste wire processing, which seriously restricts the standardized and green development of waste wire processing and recycling. The disposal of waste wires is inherently highly polluting, and non-standard disposal of waste can easily cause serious secondary pollution to the environment.

The dry-type copper wire crushing and separating machine is mainly used for processing waste wires, including household waste wires collected from waste recycling stations, engineering waste cables, car dismantling wires, and other wires and cables, and then separates and extracts the copper core or aluminum core, to achieve the purpose of make profits. In addition, the whole process is mechanical and automatic operation, without generating harmful substances such as waste gas and waste water, and there is no pollution to the environment.

cable recycling machine

Copper wire crushing and separating line is a general term for the combined equipment of the entire production line. The main configurations of the copper wire crushing and sorting line are: belt conveyor, primary crusher, screw conveyor, secondary crusher, wind feeding machine, airflow screening machine, wind induction, dust removal system, static electricity sorter, etc. The copper wire crushing and separating machine has the advantages of environmental protection, high separation efficiency and large output, it is an environmentally friendly copper wire crushing and separating machine. Yuxi fully automatic copper wire crushing and separating line uses a shredder to crush the scrap copper wire into a length of about 3cm, and then uses the secondary crushing machine for fine crushing, and then sorts by high-precision airflow sorting machine to obtain plastic and copper. The high-quality plastic is then sorted by an electrostatic separator to ensure the purity of copper.

As a recycling equipment for the processing of modern industrial cables and communication cables, the dry type copper wire crushing and separating machine has a broad market in social applications. Yuxi copper wire recycling machine has changed the original way of copper extraction and avoided air pollution caused by plastic burning. The copper wire recycling machine can crush and separate the copper and plastic inside the cable, so that the cable can be reused and achieve high economic value.

cable wire recycling equipment

Metal copper, as an important metal resource, is indispensable in various applications, and as a high-performance metal resource, copper has always been a relatively large metal in power transmission facilities. The large number of scrapped cables and wires has caused a certain waste of resources. The dry-type copper wire recycling machine can crush all kinds of waste cables and wires to achieve high-purity separation of copper and plastic under dust-free conditions, so as to achieve certain economic benefits. There are many types of dry-type copper wire recycling machines. According to different productivity requirements of enterprises and different raw materials, the applicable range of wire diameters is from 0.3mm to 20mm, such as automotive electrical lines, automotive bottom lines, motorcycles, vehicle transmission and distribution lines, computer chassis lines and communication cables, etc.

Yuxi dry-type copper wire recycling equipment has a new and unique structure, large production capacity and low power consumption, high sorting rate, one-time feeding, multi-machine cooperation to work, and other advantages. The whole copper wire recycling line is controlled by PLC, which is at the international leading level. The successful research and development of copper wire recycling machine not only solves the problems in the method of incinerating copper, but also improves the quality copper, and reuse plastics, while avoiding environmental pollution.

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