Shredding and Crushing of Various Aluminum Materials

Raw Aluminum Crushing and Separating

Raw aluminum, also known as cast aluminum and foundry aluminum, is a kind of unclean aluminum with metal aluminum composition less than 98%.

The Use of Raw Aluminum and the Source of Waste Raw Aluminum

1. Various automobile hub, automobile aluminum engine, automobile brake pads and other accessories;

2. Household utensils, such as aluminum POTS;

3. Various raw aluminum molds.

Aluminum Shredding and Crushing Line

Aluminum shredding and crushing line includes: Aluminum shredding machine, feeding machine, conveyor belt, magnetic separator, vibrating screen, eddy current separator, etc. Aluminum shredder can crush aluminum into aluminum block. Aluminum block can be collected and sorted through a series of sorting equipment such as eddy current separator, to get the final purity of aluminum, ensure the secondary utilization efficiency, improve material density, directly provide energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, etc.

dual shaft shredder

Wrought Aluminum Crushing and Separating

Wrought aluminum usually refers to various aluminum alloy materials, aluminum wires, aluminum plates, aluminum profiles, etc. Wrought aluminum is a kind of aluminum with a metal aluminum content higher than 98%. Compared with raw aluminum, it is soft in texture and can be made into a variety of aluminum profiles, utensils, etc.

The Use of Wrought Aluminum and the Source of Waste Wrought Aluminum

1. All kinds of aluminum utensils, cans, kitchen utensils, kettles;

2. Aluminum door and window materials, automotive aluminum alloy accessories;

3. Waste aluminum wire, waste cable, etc.;

4. Waste extruded profiles, aluminum scraps.

The Recycling Process of Wrought Aluminum

1. Use a metal shredder to shred wrought aluminum, profiles, and broken bridge aluminum

2. Use a metal crusher to directly crush aluminum profiles

Wrought aluminum shredding crushing and separating line includes: feeding machine, metal shredder, metal crusher, conveyor belt, magnetic separator, vibrating screen, eddy current separator, etc. Metal crusher and metal shredder crush wrought aluminum into aluminum blocks, and then collect raw aluminum blocks and sort through a series of sorting equipment such as eddy current separators, to get final purity of raw aluminum.

metal crusher

Aluminum Alloy Crushing and Separating

Aluminum alloy refers to a kind of metal aluminum synthesized by adding a certain amount of other metals, and is a widely used light metal material. The density of aluminum alloy is 2.63~2.85g/cm, the strength ob is 110~650MPa, and its specific strength is close to high alloy steel, so it has good casting performance and plastic processing performance. Aluminum alloy has good electrical and thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance and weldability, can be used as structural materials, and it’s widely used in aerospace, transportation, construction, electromechanical, light chemical and daily necessities.

Recycling Process of Waste Aluminum Alloy

1. Use a metal shredder to shred the aluminum alloy

2. Use a metal crusher to crush the aluminum alloy

The recycling value of waste aluminum alloy is high. Before recycling, the waste aluminum alloy must be classified and stacked in different categories, such as pure aluminum, aluminum alloy, cast aluminum alloy, and mixed materials. For the waste aluminum mixture, dismantling is required to remove impurities such as scrap iron, plastic, scrap copper, paint, etc. in the aluminum alloy. Multiple separations such as cleaning, crushing, magnetic separation, and eddy current separation will be used in processing and recycling aluminum alloy.


Aluminum Profile Crushing and Separating

Aluminum profile is an aluminum alloy made of aluminum and other metal elements. It is an application form of aluminum alloy. The production process of aluminum profile is usually to process metal aluminum into castings, forgings, aluminum foil, aluminum plate, aluminum strip, aluminum tube, and aluminum rod, and then make aluminum profiles and other aluminum accessories through cold bending, sawing, drilling, assembling, coloring and other processes.

Application of Aluminum Profiles

1. Aluminum profile for building doors and windows;

2. Special radiator aluminum profiles for CPU radiators of computers and electronic products;

3. Aluminum profile shelf, aluminum profile panel, surface setting;

4. Industrial aluminum profiles: mainly used for automatic mechanical equipment, the skeleton of the cover, electronic machinery industry, etc.

Recycling Methods of Waste Aluminum Profiles

1. Use a metal shredder to shred aluminum profiles

2. Use a metal crusher to crush aluminum profiles

Aluminum profiles are generally lighter and more corrosion-resistant than ordinary carbon steel, but are not as corrosion-resistant as pure aluminum. Aluminum profiles are the most widely used non-ferrous metal structural materials in the industry, and have been widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and chemical industries.

metal crushing and recycling line

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