Problems and Attentions of Scrap Metal Shredder

The metal shredder uses two non-stop rolling cutter shafts to rotate relative to each other to crush the material entering the crushing cavity, and then discharges the material from the gap between the two rollers. The metal shredding equipment has a large crushing ratio, and the output particle size is determined by the number and height of the cutter. The work process is simple and the production efficiency is high. The metal shredder has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, compact structure, convenient adjustment, and uniform crushed metal particles.

The to-be-crushed material enters the interior of the metal shredder housing through a feed system equipped with shredder blades. After the crushing, extrusion, shearing, etc. by the blades, the materials that have been crushed into small pieces are discharged from the lower part of the scrap metal shredder machine.

scrap metal shredder

Due to the harsh working environment of metal shredders, accidents often occur during production and use. The followings are routine maintenance methods:

1. If a sudden shutdown occurs, the power must be cut off immediately to avoid other accidents during operation.

2. Check whether the discharge port is blocked. The operator must strictly follow the instructions for operation, and do not blindly feed the shredder, so as not to damage the load capacity of the machine. If material clogging occurs, please stop the metal shredder to discharge blocking in time to ensure smooth discharge.

3. Frequently check parts: When the metal shredder is working normally, the machine parts should be checked frequently, such as the elasticity of the V-belt, the wear of the bearing, the wear and aging of the tool, and the circuit.

4. When the voltage is too low, the power supply should be cut off immediately. Low power supply voltage of the working environment, make the host do not have enough power to disconnect when encountering a large amount of materials. Check whether the power supply is normal, and adjust the voltage of the workplace to meet the voltage requirements of the waste metal shredder.

5. The safety of the metal shredder should also consider the metal fragments flying out of the shredder. Only installing some baffles is not enough. The metal crusher must be installed away from the crowd, and the working site must be surrounded by baffles, and the surrounding height can be determined according to the actual situation. Where debris may fly, baffles need to be thickened.

metal shredding machine

Problems and Attentions When Metal Shredder Is Running

1. It is necessary to strengthen the primary screening of waste metals. For high-hardness metal materials, material evaluation must be carried out before the metal shredder is running to ensure that all materials can be processed to prevent high-hardness metals from being broken and causing parking accidents.

2. Viscous materials are easy to stick and winding to the cutter of the metal shredder. If the material is entangled and blocked, the metal shredding machine should be stopped for processing, and it is not allowed to pierce the material during operation.

3. When the volume of to-be-processed material is too large and there are many materials, it is necessary to pay attention to the metal material flying from the shredding box, so as to prevent injury or damage to the equipment.

4. After the double-shaft shredder has been running for a long time, due to the greater wear and tear on the teeth of the shredder, it will cause problems such as a drop in shredding efficiency and metal jams. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly overhaul the equipment and repair and change the blades.

5. The metal shredder is driven by a reducer. The normal running of the reducer directly affects the working efficiency of the metal shredder. The inspection of the reducer should be strengthened, and the lubricating parts of the equipment should be refueled on time to maintain a good lubrication state of the equipment.

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