Double Shaft Shredders for Bulky Garbage Procssing

For many garbage landfills, large garbage is one of the garbage that is difficult and cost-effective. Furniture, mattresses, sofas and electrical appliances are common reasons for the increase in operating costs of garbage landfills. Therefore, new ways to reduce large-volume garbage is necessary. Yuxi bulky waste crushing and sorting plant can meet the requirement and satisfy customers

Most bulky garbage contain recyclables, such as ferrous iron and steel, non-colored aluminum and wood. With the cost increase in market demand for primitive materials and the fluctuations in supply, recycling these recyclable resources can open up new sources of income.

two-shaft shredder

The waste landfill is now using specialized technologies and equipment to solve the challenges brought by these large pieces of garbage. For example, low-speed and high-torque double-axis shredders are effective ways to reduce material size and increase the density of solid waste accumulation. In addition, the low -speed chopping process helps to separate valuable recyclable materials (such as metal and wood) from other low-recovery materials (such as plastic usually buried in a waste landfill).


One of the direct and significant impacts achieved by combining low-speed crushing and compactness is the airspace recovery in the unit. Crush it before compacting the large piece of garbage, which can decompose, reduce, and uniformly decompose the garbage with large size and strange shape. In addition, the pre-crushing can help compactor to complete the work more effectively, and the processing time will be reduced by half.

Yuxi double-shaft shredding machine is specially designed for large garbage processing, which can make the garbage small and uniform. Crushing can also reduce large pieces of garbage to a small part of its original size to ensure that the materials are piled up densely to eliminate the air gap.


In addition to large garbage shredder, Zhengzhou Yuxi Machinery also provide a complete set of domestic waste crushing and separating machine, including feeding machine, shredder machine, crusher machine, screening machine, magnetic separating machine, dust collector, etc. For details, please feel free to leave us a message by filling the lower form, thank you.

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