Harmless Waste Lithium Batteries Recycling Equipment

The positive electrode, negative electrode, diaphragm, electrolyte and other materials that make up the lithium ion battery contain a large amount of valuable metals. The valuable metals contained in the cathode materials of lithium batteries with different power are different, and the metals with high potential value include diamond, lithium, nickel, etc. For example, the average content of lithium in the ternary battery is 1.9%, nickel 12.1%, and diamond 2.3%; in addition, the proportion of copper and aluminum also reached 13.3% and 12.7%. If it can be recycled reasonably, it will become a major source of revenue generation and cost reduction.

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Main finished products of lithium battery recycling and disposal production line are positive electrode powder, positive and negative electrode mixed powder, metal aluminum, metal copper-aluminum mixture. The raw materials that can be processed are waste 3C lithium batteries (used mobile phone lithium batteries, notebook lithium batteries, tablet lithium batteries, power tool lithium batteries), waste power lithium batteries (lithium oxide, ternary materials and lithium iron phosphate), waste positive plates, etc.

The processing of more variable lithium battery recycling and processing equipment can fully meet the market demand and allow scrapped batteries and waste lithium batteries to open up economic benefits. In summary, the market for lithium battery recycling equipment is large, and the economic benefits are significant and the feasibility is high.

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For the waste lithium battery industry, there are two purposes for the recycling of waste lithium batteries and lithium ion batteries: the collection of copper, aluminum and precious metals! The mechanical sorting method of lithium battery recycling plant is simple in operation, small in equipment investment, high in extractable product value, and realizes the implementation of a cyclical environmental protection process chain. Yuxi lithium battery recycling machine adopts mature comprehensive production process technology to do crushing, fine crushing, quantitative feeding, screening and sorting, diaphragm collection and other processes, and the generated waste gas is treated by a purification device to meet the discharging standards.

lithium battery separating machine

It is of great social and economic significance to recover valuable metals in lithium-ion batteries, reduce their pollution to the environment, and alleviate resource scarcity. In the future, the research on waste lithium-ion battery recycling technology will develop in the direction of effectively reducing costs, reducing secondary pollution, increasing the types of recycled materials and improving the recovery rate. At the same time, the application of new bio-metallurgical methods characterized by low energy consumption and low pollution in the recycling process will also become the direction of future research.

lithium battery crushing recycling machine

At present, the commonly used power batteries for new energy vehicles on the market mainly include ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries, and ternary lithium batteries are widely used due to their high energy density. However, heavy metals such as diamond and brocade are important materials in ternary lithium batteries, and they are very limited mineral resources. With the rapid growth of the new energy vehicle industry, the demand for heavy metals such as diamond and nickel is rising. Therefore, we will increase the research and development and promotion of technologies such as non-destructive testing of power batteries, automated dismantling, and efficient extraction of valuable metals.

As a waste lithium batteries recycling equipment manufacture, Yuxi Machinery uses a harmless and non-polluting physical treatment method and a higher degree of automated production process, to make waste lithium battery more beneficial in economic value.

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