Small Copper Wire Recycling Machine Price

Waste wires and cables contain a large amount of copper wires, which need to be separated from plastics and recycled, so they need to be crushed and separated by copper wire recycling machine. The copper wire recycling equipment can be divided into dry type and wet type. At present, using dry copper wire recycling machine to separate waste wires is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

The copper wire recycling machine is a relatively advanced technology for the treatment of waste cables. The technologically advanced copper wire recycling machine has a good effect on processing and recycling waste cables. After the waste cables are processed through a series of methods, pure copper particles and plastics can be obtained. The quality of copper particles is equivalent to that of electrolytic copper and can be used directly. The main indicators to measure the effect of copper wire recycling machine are the purity of copper particles, the amount of copper remaining in the plastic, power consumption, environmental protection and running costs.

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The small dry-type copper wire recycling machine is specially designed to process various cables below ф20mm, such as automobile cables, communication cables, and various miscellaneous cables that are not suitable for processing by stripping machines. After crushing and processing, vibrating separation, complete the separation of copper and plastic.

The small copper wire recycling machine is an integral combined structure, which is easy to install and debug, and it is also convenient to transport. High degree of automation, easy operation, good stability, and can be used when connected to electricity. Combined with electrostatic separator, the copper recovery rate is close to 100%.

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Advantages of Small Copper Wire Recycling Machine

1. The small copper rice machine is an integral combined structure, which combines all equipment on a platform, with a compact structure, small footprint, convenient movement and transportation, and beautiful appearance.

2. Safe and reliable, simple operation, only one operator is needed in the whole process, no complicated installation is required, and it can be used after power on.

3. The sorting system adopts multi-layer high-precision sorting and frequency conversion control, and the sorting rate can be as high as 97%-99%.

4. The crushing system adopts high-strength alternating cutter and shaft, which has high crushing efficiency. The cutter is made of special alloy material and has a long service life.

5. The operation process of the equipment is closed, with additional dust removal system and air filtration system to ensure the loss of materials and dust emission, to effectively control the dust.

The small copper wire machine is smaller in model size and with processing speed, but does not affect the quality of sorting copper wire and plastic. In terms of copper-plastic separation, its separation rate can still reach 98~99 %.

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Small Copper Wire Recycling Machine Price

Although the price of a single crushing machine for copper wire recycling is cheap, you will inevitably encounter some problems during the recycling process, such as blade wear, due to wear and neglect of the vibrating screen, part of the finished product is mixed with plastic. At this time, it is necessary to use an electrostatic separator and an automatic knife sharpener, and the total cost of this equipment is about tens of thousands Dollars, and the price varies according to the model of the equipment.

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