Domestic Waste Crushing and Sorting System

In our daily life, a large amount of garbage is inevitably generated. If these wastes are not treated effectively, it will greatly affect people's living environment and even pose a threat to people's health. At present, incineration is the main way to dispose of garbage, but in the process of incineration of garbage, it will also cause secondary environmental pollution and cause waste of resources and energy. Therefore, waste crushing and separating for recycling and reuse are the best way in waste treatment.


There are different types of domestic waste, and their components are also diverse. Some can be directly recycled, some can be composted, and some must be incinerated. Sorting and scientifically processing domestic garbage according to their different characteristics can not only save resources, but also prevent pollution.

The domestic waste shredder and crusher is used for crushing domestic waste, household waste on the screen, household waste under the screen, and urban sanitation waste.

Application of Domestic Waste Crushing and Sorting Machine:

Domestic waste landfill (crushing before landfill), cement plant waste alternative fuel crushing system, domestic waste biological fermentation system, domestic waste pyrolysis system, domestic waste RDF system, domestic waste power generation, domestic waste composting.


Technical of Domestic Waste Crushing Machine

Yuxi's domestic waste crushing and sorting technology is well applicable to the characteristics of unclassified, large moisture content, and miscellaneous types of domestic waste. We design crushing equipment with different knife shapes, different torques and different processes according to the proportion of various wastes.

Zhengzhou Yuxi Machinery is also good at doing system optimization and intelligent detection, and has professional process design engineers to provide system layout and equipment selection.

Zhengzhou Yuxi Machinery has professional intelligent dust collecting technology, which can be equipped with crushing and conveying systems of domestic waste crushing and sorting system, so as to improve the workshop environment and meet the national environmental protection requirements.

In the future development of garbage crushing and sorting system, green will become a basic condition and an inevitable condition for marketing. Low carbon will also become a hard constraint restricting the economy. Green and low carbon is also an important factor for the value and benefits of domestic garbage crushing and sorting equipment for Zhengzhou Yuxi Machinery.

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