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Waste tires are high-quality fuel after crushing, and are often used as fuel in industries such as cement plants. Rubber pieces, rubber granulators, rubber powder, steel wire, fiber, and other materials can be got from old tyres. Tire shredder is very important equipment in waste tire recycling line.

It is reported that 1 ton of waste tires (rubber) can produce about 0.35 tons of carbon black, 0.45 tons of waste rubber oil, 0.12 tons of steel wire and some combustible gases through thermal cracking. Compared with disposal methods such as waste accumulation, landfill, and incineration, thermal pyrolysis technology is safer and more environmentally friendly, saves energy, and has good comprehensive economy, which is in line with the development trend of the times.

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Factors Affecting the Tyre Shredding Machine Price:

1: Materials: the size, ingredients, hardness and other features of materials to be crushed.

2: Capacity: how many tons of crushing output per hour do you want to reach?

3: Finished size: the size of the material after crushing.

4: Models of tire shredders: different models have different output, discharge size, crushing cavity, etc., and there will be certain differences in prices.

Ordinary tire shredding machine price ranges from several thousands dollars to seventy thousand dollars. Prices will vary depending on specific circumstances. If you need the whole waste tyre recycling line equipment, the price will be more than one hundred thousand dollars.


Tyre Shredding Machine Factory

Zhengzhou Yuxi Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. is specialized in design, research, producing and marketing of waste recycling equipment and providing waste processing and recycling solutions.

Yuxi Machinery has been working closely with well-known foreign enterprises to establish a good relationship on technical cooperation and market development. At the same time, 32 patents and 3 invention patents have been obtained. We have professional technical team, to offer customers high quality products and efficient after-sale service.


Yuxi tyre shredding machine is customized according to the actual needs of customers, and the discharge size can be controlled. The tire shredder is equipped with a unique GI intelligent detection system, which can realize automatic and intelligent production. The tire shredding machine only needs 1 operators, and the crushing efficiency is high. Yuxi tyre shredder realizes the high automation and intelligent control of the tyre shredding line, and ensures the energy saving, high efficiency and safety of the whole processing process.

If you are interested in tire shredding machine, please leave us a message. There will be professional and technical personnel to answer all your questions, and recommend the type and model of equipment for you. We also can make detailed equipment or production line solutions, and design layout according your site.

Are you looking for a reliable tire shredder factory? If yes, you are at the right place. Feel free to leave a message to us, and visit our factory.

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