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The car crushing machine can be used to crush all kinds of scrapped car compartments to realize the intelligent automatic crushing of scrapped cars, so as to reduce the difficulty of manual operation and low efficiency. The scrapped automobiles crusher is hammer-type crusher machine, and finished product are granular metal particles which are finely crushed by the hammering action inside the equipment. During the crushing process, the metal material undergoes elastic deformation and gradually shrinks into a spherical shape, thereby achieving the recovery of pure metals and high separation of paint and oil on the metal surface.

Scrap Car Crushing Line


Equipped with centralized dust removal and sorting equipment, car crushing machine can effectively sort wires, aluminum, rubber, and plastics in waste cars. The application of automobile crusher not only improves the production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expands the scope of application.

Features of Car Crushing Machine

1. The waste car crushing machine is driven by a geared motor.

2. The scrap car crushing machine has a strong structure and densely distributed reinforcing rib plates to ensure the strength of the body.

3. The waste car crushing machine is controlled by automatic button, which is safe and convenient.

4. The scrap car crushing machine can be equipped with conveyor belt for feeding and discharging.

Main Working Part of Car Crushing Machine

The main working part of the scrap car crushing machine is the rotor with the hammer. The rotor of the car crusher consists of a main shaft, a disc, a pin shaft and a hammer. The motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed in the crushing cavity of the automobile crushing machine.


Working Process of Car Crushing Machine

The scrap car is fed into the car crushing machine from the upper feeding port, and is crushed by the impact, shearing and grinding of the high-speed moving hammer. In the lower part of the rotor, crushed car will go through the same crushing as the upper level, so the car crushing machine can crush the material to the appropriate standard and discharge it directly from the discharge port without the sieve grate.

The discharged finished materials are sent to the sorting system through the discharge conveying, so that the impurities, scrap iron, scrap copper and scrap in the scrap metal are sorted to obtain high-quality raw materials with high composition, which are used for recycling metallurgical processing. In addition to the above facilities, the equipment can also be equipped with a soundproof room and a dust removal system, thereby reducing noise and pollution.


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