Waste Tire Processing and Recycling Machine

Waste tire recycling has a wide market and high profits. Old tyres can be converted into pyrolysis oil, carbon black, steel wire and other products. There is less waste in the conversion process, and it belongs to a high-standard and complete recycling industry. Therefore, waste tire recycling projects are indispensable for waste tire treatment, and the waste tire recycling plant has a very bright future.

Main Equipment of Waste Tire Processing Line

tire recycling machine

Tire wire drawing machine: Pull the steel wire out of the rim, so that the tire can be directly shredded by the tire shredder in the next process.

Tire shredder: The tire shredder pulls the entire tire into a 3-8 cm piece of rubber and shreds it.

Steel wire separator: The rubber block can be processed into 10-30 mesh rubber particles at one time, and the steel wire and the rubber are separated at the same time.

Screening machine: Sort rubber particles of different sizes, and return the oversized particles to the tire shredder for secondary shredding.

Magnetic separator: Removes any remaining fine wire.

Rubber granulator: The rubber from the rubber granulator is with a particle size of 1-6mm. The particles are then screened and recycled to reach a finer size. Due to the special design of the rubber granulator, high-quality granules with uniform size are produced and 99% of the fibers are removed during the granulation process.

Fiber separator: Removes foreign matter and fibers from rubber.

Grinding machine: The pulverizer can grind 1-6 mm particles into 30-120 mesh fine rubber powder as required.

scrap tire recycling plant

Recycled waste tires are full of treasures. The main purpose of recycling waste tires are steel wire, carbon black, and oil refining. In addition, reclaimed rubber is an important application of waste tires. As a major producer of reclaimed rubber in the world, recycled tires are mainly used to produce reclaimed rubber.

According to the data, the current annual recycling rate of waste tires is less than 50%. In the future, with the help of continuous improvement of the industry, the recycling and processing of waste tires will be a very promising segment. Zhengzhou Yuxi Machinery can provide a complete set of waste tire processing production line to help you seize opportunities and create profits.

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