Used Tires Have Extremely High Utilization Value

Used tires have extremely high utilization value and can provide society with a large amount of renewable resources

Waste tires are full of treasures, 16%-18% of the steel wire contained is the raw material of high-quality spring steel; up to 80% of the rubber mixture can be made into useful reclaimed rubber and rubber powder with different particle sizes, which can be used in rubber and building materials and industrial fields such as plastics and coatings. Waste tires are also high-energy fuels, containing 27.59KJ of heat per kilogram, which can be used for power generation in industrial boilers and thermal power plants.


Tires are used to carry tens of tons of items to keep running, so the quality of the rubber used in tires is much higher than other rubber products. The tire rubber must be wear-resistant, prevent aging, waterproof, and be able to absorb shock, therefore, waste tires are a great waste of resources. If the waste tires are physically broken by waste tyre shredder and recycled by waste tire recycling line, rubber particles, rubber powder, and steel wires can be obtained. These rubbers can be used in many fields, such as roadbed paving, Rubber track, various rubber products, etc.


1. Laying of sports grounds: runway, school playground, around swimming pool and garden trails, bowling alleys, sidewalks, kindergarten playgrounds and entertainment fields, tennis and basketball courts, etc.

2. Automobile industry: train floor mats, brake disc ribbons, floors of cars and trucks, brake bushings, sealing strips, buffers, shock absorbers, bottom seals of automobile body and stainless steel materials, splash mud, tires and tire inner pads, etc.

3. Construction/building: Adhesives/sealants, hospitals, companies, bathroom floors, insulating rubber materials, carpet pads, livestock straw mats, extrusion products, waste brake surfaces, mold products, coatings, dams, warehouses, ponds, waste treatment station, brick roof liner and covering, raised patterned floor, house sign, waterproof material, shockproof, gasket, waterproof material for roof and wall, etc.

4. Civil engineering: drainage pipes, rubberized asphalt used for road and driveway paving, filters, soil conditioning/road coverage, porous flushing pipes, racetracks, railway crossings, traffic/sidewalk obstacles, Railroad crack joint sealant road construction and repair sea transportation, etc.

5. Production of recycled rubber: used to produce various rubber products.


Moreover, for those tires that are not very badly worn, they can be returned to the market and sold as spare tires after processing and retreading. This is why many people think that the spare tire is not easy to use. It is still different from the normal tire.

In addition to the above functions, there is a good way to use waste tires, which is to use in oil refining. The previous indigenous method of oil refining was carried out in an not environmentally friendly and unsealed environment, which caused great environmental pollution. Today, it is different. The new environmentally friendly pyrolysis oil refining equipment carries out pyrolysis and cracking reactions under sealed conditions to extract rubber oil. The rubber oil can be further purified to obtain refined oil. These oil products are very popular in the current market and the price is good.

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