Domestic Waste Process and Recycle in China

How to dispose of large household garbage such as discarded furniture, tables and chairs, sofas, mattresses, and sundries is a problem for many people. Some citizens throw waste bulky garbage everywhere, which not only destroying environmental sanitation, but also encroaching on public places. In order to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of the city, it is particularly important to do a good job in the end treatment of domestic garbage in the city.

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How to Process and Sort the Domestic Waste?

People place bulky waste into designated storage locations. The person responsible for the management of bulky waste shall deliver the bulky waste within the scope of its management to sanitation operation service department for clearing or transporting to the bulky waste sorting center in a centralized and standardized manner. The garbage sorting centers do centralized disposal of bulky garbage, screen and sort the bulky garbage with reused value to reuse; disassemble and sort the bulky items with no value, and reuse the recyclable parts , while the non-recyclable part will be treated separately.

Yuxi domestic waste processing line mainly uses the process of "crushing + sorting", which converts the bulky waste into reusable resources through crushing and volume reduction sorting. Yuxi domestic waste sorting line is composed of a conveying system, a crushing system, a magnetic separation system, an intelligent monitoring system, and an intelligent dust reduction system. It turns bulky waste into treasure, improves the recycling rate, and truly realizes the reduction and harmless recycling of bulky waste.


"Eat" A Bulky Waste in Tens of Seconds

The bulky garbage is sent to the conveyor belt in batches and enters the high-power double-shaft shredder. The domestic waste shredder uses the principle of mutual shearing and tearing between two relatively rotating knives to crush materials. Large pieces of garbage are quickly cut and shredded into small pieces. After being crushed, the materials are transported to the magnetic separator. Under the action of magnetic force, metal objects such as nails, iron wires, and iron sheets will be automatically sorted out, collected and recycled, while the rest of the materials are sent to the transfer truck, waiting for the next step of processing.

During the entire processing and sorting process, the operator can monitor the crushing and sorting process in real time through the GI intelligent monitoring system, which can effectively reduce equipment failure rate and maintenance time, reduce maintenance and operating costs, and greatly improve the working efficiency of the bulky waste sorting line. The MSW sorting line adopts a closed design in the crushing and blanking area, and is equipped with an intelligent central dust removal system, which effectively suppresses the generation of dust and greatly improves the environment for large-scale garbage process.

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Why Should We Process and Recycle Domestic Waste?

(1) Beautify the city, enhance the appearance and competitiveness of the city.

(2) Eliminate pollution and eliminate public safety hazards.

(3) Resource regeneration, in line with the requirements of circular economy.

Yuxi Machinery is an entity enterprise driven by technological innovation and social responsibility. It provides high-quality equipment and services to the domestic waste disposal, sorting and processing industries. Yuxi Machinery not only has advanced domestic waste treatment technology, but also takes the lead in launching a one-stop solution for waste sorting, covering bulky waste, domestic waste, industrial waste, hazardous waste, waste textile, waste tires, etc.


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