Hello Bike Has Recycled More Than 500,000 Recycled Tires

Broken and abandoned shared bicycles scattered in every corner of the city have always been a problem that plagues urban governance. As of June this year, Hello Bike Company has recycled more than 500,000 wheels, nearly 70,000 seats and over 250,000 baskets. After cooperating with a qualified waste tires recycling machine and scrap metal crushing and recycling line company, the discarded bicycle parts have become recycled materials such as aluminum, iron and other raw materials or plastic pots.


What can these recycled tires and seats do? Shao Yu, vice president of Tianjin Xinneng Renewable Resources Co., Ltd., said that the company can basically achieve full recycling of used and shared bicycle parts. "We will classify different bicycle parts according to their materials, and carry out automatic sorting process such as crushing and air separation, magnetic separation, eddy current sorting, induction sorting and color selection. After that, the metal materials such as the main frame will be returned to the furnace to make metal. Ingot or metal products are recycled; plastics of bike body are also recycled into plastic reclaimed materials, and finally become various plastic products, such as plastic basins, plastic chairs, etc."


In the recycling plant, used vehicle parts are screened by the machine and eventually processed into raw materials such as iron and aluminum. A small amount of unrecoverable garbage is sorted and disposed of in a harmless manner. Cheng Liang said that in the future, Hello Bike Company will continue to work hard on bicycles. For example, processed used tires can still be made into usable tires, which will further improve the cycle of bicycle parts.

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