How to Transform Waste Plastic into Recycled Products?

Plastic products are everywhere in our daily life and in various fields of agricultural production. When the life of these products or the purpose of use is reached, they will be discarded and become waste plastics. Of course, the source of waste plastics is not limited to this, and wastes or waste products will be generated in every link of plastic synthesis, molding processing, circulation and consumption. The phenomenon of these non-degradable waste plastics being discarded at will and polluting the environment is vividly called "white pollution". What should we do with these waste plastics?


At present, there are four main treatment methods for waste plastics: landfill, incineration, granulitization and thermal cracking.

1. Landfilling is a relatively traditional method, which is simple and rude, with great hidden dangers and hazards. Because plastics have features of low density, large volume, and are difficult to decompose, landfilling is a very unscientific and unenvironmental method.

2. Incineration is a widely used method, which can generate a large amount of heat energy, but at the same time, it will also generate a large amount of toxic gas and release harmful substances. It needs a supporting flue gas purification system to effectively control the secondary pollution.

3. Granulitization is a physical method in which waste plastics are decomposed into small particles by mechanical processing, and then made into new plastic products. This method has certain limitations and is not suitable for plastic films, pouches and other laminated plastics.

4. The last type of thermal cracking is a chemical decomposition method. Use this technology to convert waste plastics into high value-added energy products such as fuel oil, carbon black, and combustible gas.


During the implementation of the above treatment method, some waste plastics are inevitably too large, which is inconvenient for subsequent process. At this time, a plastic shredder is needed. The waste plastic can be sent to the double-shaft shredder, and the waste plastic can be shredded to a certain size. If you feel that the discharge is still too large, you might as well send the material to the fine crusher, and the material will be cut by the circular motion knife on the main shaft and the fixed toothed knife, and the material smaller than the screen hole will fall out directly.

A self-unloading permanent magnet iron remover can also be installed on the belt conveyor between the shredder machine and fine crusher, which is responsible for sorting out the magnetically conductive materials contained in the plastic materials after primary crushing. Finally, a relatively pure plastic that meets the requirements of the subsequent process can be obtained, which helps to improve the disposal efficiency of the subsequent process, and the effect is quite good.

Finally, after the various processes, waste plastics have been transformed into recycled plastics, and can be used for blast furnace injection to replace coal, oil and coke, and used in cement rotary kilns to replace coal.


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