Reclaimed Rubber Plays A Great Role in Waste Rubber Recycling

With the large-scale use of rubber products, the problem of waste rubber pollution has become more and more serious. The waste rubber mainly comes from scrapped automobile tires. The rapid development of the automobile industry has continuously increased the generation rate of scrap tires. How to realize the recycling and utilization of waste rubber is of great significance to the sustainable development of  rubber industry.

It is understood that the current disposal methods of waste tires mainly include the production of reclaimed rubber and retreading. In our country, the processing methods of waste tires are mainly based on the production of reclaimed rubber, which has developed rapidly in recent years.


The emergence of reclaimed rubber is a dawn to solve the problem of "black pollution". Reclaimed rubber not only solves the current pollution problems of waste tires and waste rubber, but also alleviates the current shortage of rubber resources. Making waste rubber to reclaimed rubber is the best solution to solve the problem of "black pollution" other than retreading, which accounts for as much as 60% of the total recycling of used tires.

Therefore, the problem of recycling and utilization of waste tires has attracted more and more attention from all walks of life, and the business opportunities contained in it have also been favored by related companies and investors. In recent years, many reclaimed rubber companies have basically achieved pollution-free production after technological transformation, and are moving in the direction of "green industry", bringing greater profits to the majority of rubber product manufacturers.


In addition to reclaimed rubber, more and more waste rubber and waste tires have also been crushed into rubber powder. The application range of rubber powder is wide. At present, rubber powder has been used to many new products such as waterproof coatings, rubber powder modified asphalt, etc., and has been well received by rubber product manufacturers after trial and use.

The "black pollution" that was hateful in the past has turned into "green wealth" in an instant. It can be seen that the reclaimed rubber and reclaimed rubber powder play a great role in the recycling of "black pollution".


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