Four Ways to Dispose Garden Waste

With the continuous increase of urban green coverage, garden waste disposal has also been put on the agenda. These garden wastes are different from domestic waste and industrial waste because they are rich in organic matter and nutrients, and are of great ecological and economic value.

If these garden wastes are only landfilled or incinerated, it will not only waste biomass resources and occupy land resources, but also increase the cost of waste treatment. Therefore, recycling them is an inevitable choice.


At present, there are 4 ways to dispose of garden waste:

1. Organic mulch: This is a very common environmental protection treatment method. It can be treated on site, and can suppress dust, improve soil, control weeds, and reduce pests and diseases.

2. Making organic fertilizer or substrate: The crushed waste can be decomposed and fermented to make organic fertilizer. The scale can be large or small, which can improve soil and increase fertility, but the production process requires certain site and technology.

3. Processing into biomass fuel: garden waste can be made into biomass fuel after crushing, sorting and other processes, which is used for incineration and power generation in power plants.

4. Pressing into wood board: It needs to be produced by professional manufacturers, and has certain requirements on raw material specifications. Generally, clean and thick branches are required.

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