Shredder Machine for Iron Buckets and Paint Buckets

With the development of the times, iron buckets and paint buckets can be seen everywhere, but used waste oil buckets and paint buckets are hazardous wastes. Some enterprises or individuals dispose of discarded oil drums and sulfuric acid drums casually after using up oil or sulfuric acid. So, what equipment should be used to dispose of waste oil drums? The paint bucket shredder is an intelligent solid waste processing equipment specially designed to deal with waste empty iron drums/paint drums.

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Specifically, the following questions need to be confirmed:

1. In what form will the solid waste enter into the iron bucket shredder?

Packed, bagged, rolled, sheeted, or loose

2. Does the material contain dangerous goods or flammable and explosive materials?

3. The purpose of shredding is to reduce the volume of the material (volume reduction) or to obtain a specific crushed discharge size.

Usually, the smaller size of the crushed material is, the higher the shredding cost will be, so it is necessary to understand the demand relationship between cost and profit of the.

For example, if you want to crush the material to the discharge size of 50*50mm, the one-time shearing and shredding is not enough for the metal bucket shredder, and the shredder must be equipped with a screen to ensure the particle size. The screen guarantees the discharge particle size, while it will greatly reduce the output and increase the crushing cost, and it is difficult to exclude the unbreakable materials entering the screen, which may lead to shredder machine damage.


What materials can shredder machine mainly shred?

Suitable for shredding: oil barrels, 200L iron barrels/plastic barrels, automobile fuel tanks, iron sheets, oil barrels, paint barrels, chemical iron barrels, iron sheets, waste color steel tiles, refrigerators, washing machines, oil drums, color Steel tiles, bicycles, sofas, office desks and chairs, industrial waste paper, car doors, medical waste, domestic waste, electronic waste, etc.

Zhengzhou Yuxi Machinery is a professional manufacturer of double shaft shredder. It pays special attention to the quality of equipment and pursues ingenuity in the production process. Each production link is supervised by professional personnel, which ensures the quality of the equipment and provides high-quality after-sales service. We provides systematic, intelligent and professional customized solutions for global customers with a whole-process excellent service system.

In fact, there are many manufacturers of iron bucket shredders. Each manufacturer has different manufacturing processes and product positioning. Coupled with the influence of competition between manufacturers, it is easy to cause uneven prices. Therefore, when you buy equipment, pay attention to not only the price, but also your fundamental needs, so that you can choose the right equipment.

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