Safety Operation Manual of Double Shaft Shredder

Double shaft shredder machine

In solid waste shredding and disposal industry, the double-shaft shredder is the most mentioned equipment. It does not mean that this equipment is much better than other types of shredding equipment, just because it is definitely more suitable for shredding your material. The reason it is mentioned repeatedly is because its application range is very wide.

It should be known that in the disposal of solid waste materials, the material composition is complex, and some materials may be difficult to be broken or have too much toughness, or may be solid or extruded materials, the comprehensive shredding advantages of the dual-shaft shredder are reflected.


Safety operation rules for double shaft shredder

1. Operator, maintainer and related personnel must know the safety instructions very well.

2. Power-on inspection:

(1) There is no abnormality in the connecting piece and transmission piece.

(2) All oil pipes are in good condition without wear, the oil pipe joints are not loose, and the hydraulic system has no oil leakage.

(3) The unbreakable support door is closed.

(4) No fault display.

3. Before the equipment runs, it must be ensured that no one is in the machine.

4. The power supply must be cut off when the equipment is repaired and maintained. When someone is working in the shredder, there must be inspectors outside the machine.

5. All safety and warning labels on equipment and machines are not missing.

6. Operation, maintenance and repair personnel must wear and use effective protective equipment.

7. The operation manual on the machine is complete, clear and easy to read.

8. There must be effective fire-fighting facilities within 200 meters from the equipment.

Double shaft shredding production line


The double-shaft shredding line is mainly composed of chain conveyor, double-shaft shredder, iron remover, dust suppression system, intelligent control system, etc. We can customize a complete set of dual-shaft shredding production line solutions according to customer needs, including dual-shaft shredders, magnetic separators, balers, automatic material sorting and dust removal equipment systems, etc.

Application field of double shaft shredder

Dual-shaft shredder is suitable for shredding bulky waste, industrial hazardous waste, electronic waste, plastic waste, metal waste, waste tires, paper mill twisted rope, plastic packaging barrels, leather/fabric scraps, etc.

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