Industrial Paint Bucket Shredding Equipment

In recent years, with the rapid economic growth of the domestic and the continuous expansion of industrial production scale, a large number of waste paint buckets, dye buckets, ink buckets, waste oil buckets, resin waste iron buckets have been produced in the process of industrial production. A large number of accumulated industrial oil drums should be processed into small iron blocks by an paint bucket shredder, and be re-dried and dusted by dryer machine and dust collector, and finally crushed by a metal crusher to produce metal particles and complete the recovery of useful materials.


The paint bucket shredder shreds all kinds of waste metal paint buckets, cans, beverage cans, beer cans, scrap iron sheets, scrap iron slag and other cans into strips, pieces or granular, thereby reducing transportation costs and improving the speed of scrap iron smelting.

At present, the mainstream oil drum treatment method on the market is to shred the paint drum through a double-shaft shredder. The existing double-shaft shredder mainly consists of a support base, a shredding box, a power transmission device, reducer and motor. There is no need for pre-processing or hollow flattening before the oil drum is shredded by the shredder. It can directly enter the shredding box through the feeding box of the oil drum shredder for extruding and shredding.


The paint bucket shredder machine is specially designed for paint buckets and metal buckets, with high safety and strong impact resistance. The blade is made of high-strength alloy steel, which has the characteristics of strong wear resistance, high strength, low energy consumption, large processing capacity, good economy, low maintenance cost, and good treatment effect.

The knives of Yuxi paint bucket shredder are all made of special steel through forging production and processing, which is sturdy and has a long service life. Yuxi paint bucket shredder is resistant to high torque, and the body is very strong and durable, and it’s more power saving and energy saving. The equipment configuration consists of the upper, middle and lower parts made of thickened steel plates. The inside combination of the hook hammer and the lining plate can achieve balanced shredding, with features of wear resistance and durability.

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