The Debugging of Copper Cable Wire Recycling Machine

The failure of copper cable wire recycling machine seriously affects the production. Therefore, we should know more about the key spare parts, technological process and electrical principle of the cable wire recycling machine.
The mechanical failure of cable wire recycling machine mainly shows the wear of spare parts, such as the fixed knife and the rotary knife are not sharp after a period of use, the production efficiency is reduced, and even the quality of finished product is unqualified. Therefore, it is necessary to sharpen the knives regularly, adjust the gap between the knives, and replace worn knives.


Possible causes of unclean separation of copper and plastic in small copper cable wire recycling machine:

(1) The failure of the grinding equipment causes uneven particles.

(2) The vibration force of the vibrating screen is too small, the mixed copper and plastic material does not vibrate, and some plastics are under the copper particles.

(3) The blast separation is not well. The air volume is small, and some plastics are not blown away, and then be taken away with the copper.

The small copper cable wire recycling machine is the waste wire processing equipment favored by most users. Yuxi small copper cable wire recycling machine covers a small footprint, with complete functions, simple operation, good stability and low investment. It is not easy for a small small copper cable wire recycling machine to separate various waste electrical cables. If the debugging of the machine is not in place before production, there will be problems in the production.

It is important to install and debug the equipment before production, including testing the load test of the machine. The small copper cable wire recycling machine should run smoothly without severe vibration, If there is any abnormality, the equipment should be shut down immediately to check whether the fasteners are firm. Check whether the small copper cable wire recycling machine is placed flat, if the machine is not placed flat, it will affect the sorting of the vibration sorting machine during working.

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