Advantages of Single-shaft Shredders or Single Rotor Shredders

Single-shaft shredder is a common type of mechanical shredder designed to shred a variety of materials, including products made of thin soft metals, plastics, etc. If tight particle size control is required, a single shaft shredder (or single rotor shredder) is an excellent choice. Particle size control is achieved through the use of sorting sieves. The single-shaft shredding machine typically operates at rotor speeds of 80-110 per minute, some models of single rotor shredders are capable of operating at higher speeds.

Single-shaft shredders are ideal for processing "clean" materials such as plastic, foam, paper, rubber, etc. Generally, single-shaft shredders feed materials with the help of horizontal plunger. Rotors vary in size, typically between 300 and 500 mm in diameter. If a sieving grid is used, the oversized material is recirculated and processed again until the desired particle size is achieved. Small knives should be replaced when worn or damaged. The screen size is usually between 10mm and 25mm.

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How to Recommend A Suitable Single-shaft Shredder to Customers?

Before evaluating the suitability of any type of shredder machine, the customer's specific requirements on application must be clearly defined, including:

1. What is the type and properties of to-be-shredded materials?

2. What is the desired feeding type?

3. What is the desired finished particle size after crushing?

4. What is the equipment budget?

5. Will the material be fed in bales, rolls, plates or bulk for crushing?

6. Are there contaminants in the material?

7. Do materials need volume reduction?


In general, the higher the output of the equipment and the smaller the particle size required, the more expensive the solution will be. For example, if the single shaft shredder is required to produce granules with size of 50mm, a system with a screen may be required to recycle the material. Although sieves can be used to obtain uniformly sized particles, sieves can cause some side effects, especially sieves can significantly reduce yield. Some materials will clog the sieve, and the sieve can be damaged when dealing with fragile pieces.

Single-rotor shredders are best shredding machine for shredding "clean" material, but may wear out faster and cost more when shredding materials with impurities or tough materials. Yuxi single-shaft shredder has higher material applicability and larger output. Zhengzhou Yuxi Machinery is professional in design and manufacturing waste processing and recycling machines, as long as you drop your requirement, there will always be one machine can well meet your needs.

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