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The proportion of recycled paper produced from waste paper is increasing. At present, the utilization rate of waste paper in China is about 51%. In contrast, the utilization rate of waste paper in developed countries is about 80%. With the strengthening of residents' environmental protection awareness and the continuous improvement of circular economy, this ratio will continue to rise. The use of waste paper to produce recycled paper has greatly reduced the deforestation of forest trees. The pulping step is omitted in the production process, and the energy consumption has also been greatly reduced. Many paper mills have the business of using waste paper to produce recycled paper.

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However, in the process of using waste paper to produce recycled paper, some solid wastes that are not found in traditional papermaking processes will be generated. These wastes include twisted ropes, light slag, etc., which can be unified into "pulper waste".

Why Does Recycled Paper Production Produce Solid Wastes?

Using waste paper to produce recycled paper will produce twisted ropes and light residues, the reason is actually very simple. The main reason is that waste paper usually enters the paper mill in compressed packages. In order to maintain their shape, steel wire ropes, plastic belts, etc. Will be used to package waste paper. Some of the original plastic film, staples and other wastes on the waste cardboard will enter the pulper together with the waste paper, after the pulp is dissolved, the remaining wastes are generally removed in a simple way:

Put a long rope into the mixing barrel of the pulper, and then, during the mixing process, the waste will be adsorbed on the rope. At regular intervals, the rope of the pulper will be slowly and continuously pulled out of the barrel, gradually, a several meters twisted rope with twisted ropes and light residues is formed.


How to Dispose of Pulper Rope Economically?

Disposal of strands that have not been crushed and sorted is very costly and not sustainable as these materials can be recycled. For example, plastics and fabrics can be made into high-quality waste-derived fuels, because the fuel composition is controllable, so these fuels are very popular in cement plants, waste-to-energy plants, and can also be used in paper mills to produce drying heat.

Industrial waste double shaft shredders can be used to crush solid waste, including paper mill rope, decoration garbage, etc. Dual-shaft shredders are intelligent and environmentally friendly, and can process more than 100 tons of various industrial wastes per day.

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