Yuxi Scrap Copper Aluminum Radiator Crushing and Sorting Line

The scrap automobiles and the replacement of indoor air conditioners have produced a large number of waste copper and aluminum radiators, and because of the high content of non-ferrous metals in copper and aluminum radiators, the value of use is great. With the rapid development, labor costs have increased greatly, making the past method of recycling and reprocessing air-conditioning radiators is replaced by copper-aluminum water tank separators.

With more and more electronic products, the demand for copper and aluminum is also increasing, and the recovery of copper and aluminum materials from waste copper and aluminum materials is relatively simpler than that of ore, and the content of copper and aluminum in waste copper and aluminum radiators is higher than that of ore. Waste copper and aluminum radiators can be physically crushed and separated into copper and aluminum.

Copper Aluminum Radiator Crushing and Sorting Plant

The waste copper and aluminum radiators is coarsely crushed by the first crusher, and then finely crushed by the second crusher. The crushed material is 3cm in size, and the iron will be  separated by magnetic separation, and then copper and aluminum will be separated by by airflow separator.

Waste copper and aluminum radiators (copper-aluminum water tank) crushing and sorting line mainly adopts dry physical separation, and finally separates copper, aluminum and iron through the method of shredding-crushing-separation.

1. Break or crush the complete radiator into a mixture of copper, aluminum and iron by metal shredders and metal crushers.

2. After layer by layer separation through the combined application of a series of equipment such as negative pressure separators, magnetic separators, and air flow specific gravity separators, copper and aluminum can be separated.

Yuxi scrap copper aluminum radiator crushing and sorting line is very mature, the working process is clean and pollution-free, the separation rate of copper is >98%, the separation rate of iron is >99%, and the separation rate of aluminum is >98%. The separated metal resources can be sold directly, resulting in considerable economic benefits.

Copper Aluminum Radiator Crushing and Sorting Machine

Yuxi breaks the traditional dismantling method in the past, combines years of practical experience, breaks the traditional design concept, and innovatively develops a practical new environmental protection waste radiator copper aluminum water tank crushing and sorting equipment with international level, which is different from the crushers and pulverizers traditionally used in the market.

Four Advantages of Yuxi Scrap Copper Aluminum Radiator Crushing and Sorting Line:

1: The Diversity of Processing Materials

Yuxi scrap copper aluminum radiator crushing and sorting machine can process a variety of materials, one machine with multiple functions.

2: Increase Material Price

The added value of the treated copper and aluminum radiator is increased, and iron, aluminum, and copper are recycled separately, effectively improving the quality of materials and increasing profit margins.

3: Reduce Production Cost

Yuxi scrap copper aluminum radiator crushing and separating machine has large production capacity, high efficiency, and can effectively solve the problem of material backlog.

4: Save Labor Cost

The copper aluminum radiator crushing and separating line involves pretreatment, crushing, screening and sorting, with reasonable connection, high degree of automation, and mechanized production, which effectively reduces the intensity of manual production and saves labor cost.

Copper Aluminum Radiator Crusing and Sorting Line

With its superior performance, Yuxi copper and aluminum radiator water tank processing equipment is widely used in the crushing and sorting of copper and aluminum radiator and water tanks in the resource recycling industry. The sorting efficiency reaches 99%, the labor force is reduced by 600%, and the production line can process water tanks, motors, radiator, household appliances and other wastes at the same time.

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