Double Hooks Tire Wire Drawing Machine

The double hooks tire wire drawing machine is a kind of equipment that pulls out the two strands of steel wire in the bead of the waste tire at normal temperature. Its main purpose is to prolong the service life of the cutter of tire shredder. Its structure mainly includes: motor, tire baffle, hook, trolley, frame, wire drawing oil cylinder, wire pressing oil cylinder, hydraulic station and other spare parts.

tire steel wire drawing machine

Structural Features of Double Hooks Tire Wire Drawing Machine

1. The hydraulic station, oil cylinder, electric control cabinet and other parts are all fixed on the frame, which makes the overall structure of the equipment simple, beautiful in appearance, small footprint, and easy to install and transport.

2. The use of double-connected vanes for oil supply, with low working noise, and at the same time ensuring that the speed and pressure of the wire-drawing cylinder remain unchanged when the wire-pressing cylinder is working, which improves the working efficiency of the equipment and the service life of its control valve.

3. Use automatic lifting device to reduce labor intensity of workers.

4. The inner side of the guide rail is used for positioning, which makes the inductive sensor work reliably, the hook positioning accuracy high, and the drawing cylinder runs smoothly.

wire drawing machine

Application of Double Hooks Tire Wire Drawing Machine

The tire wire drawing machine is suitable for the waste tire recycling industry. It can completely pull out the large strands of steel wires on both sides of the tire, so as to separate the main steel wire from the tire. It is the first step in the recycling of waste tires.

With the rise of recycling, the strength of the steel wires on both sides of the tire is high, making it difficult to break. The hook is pushed forward and pulled back, the steel wire is clamped, and the cutting of steel wire is all electronically controlled by the hydraulic system. The operation is extremely simple and practical, and has won unanimous praise from the tire recycling industry at home and abroad.  


Basic Principle of Double Hooks Tire Wire Drawing Machine

The hydraulic system and the oil cylinder are driven by the motor, and the hook is connected to the rod of the oil cylinder. The movement of the oil pump and the oil cylinder promotes the reciprocating motion of the hook. Place the tire on the pull-out, extend the pull-hook out of the pull-out, hook the tire's inner ring steel wire, and then start the button. Due to the strong pulling force of the oil cylinder, the whole steel wire is pulled out, and the rubber is torn at the sidewall, so as to achieve the purpose of a smooth separation.

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