Metal Crushers Shine in Scrap Metal Recycling Industry

Metal crusher is suitable for crushing bicycle frames, motorcycle frames, color steel tiles, carriage boards, keel strips, color TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, tinplate, scrap angle steel, scrap square tubes, car cabs, documents cabinets, safes, car slots, packaging briquette, electrical shells and other scrap steel and industrial waste with more impurities, and can ensure the cleanliness of the crushed materials after being separated by separator, mainly used in waste recycling and other processing industries, to achieve resource recovery and re-use.

metal crusher machine

In the scrap metal recycling industry, widely used crushing equipment are metal crusher and metal shredder. Metal crusher machine combines the advantages of various types of shredders, with high output, low noise, large shredding ratio and favorable price, so it shines in today's environmental protection machinery industry. Yuxi metal crushing machine is equipped with fan and dust collector. The crushed metal materials should be separated in the dust collector and the fan to discharged impurities.

Yuxi metal crusher solves the shortcomings of the old-fashioned crusher blade, and uses a specially designed spindle and cutter head. The cutter head is very durable and does not need to be replaced.


Working Principle of Scrap Metal Crusher

Under the continuous driving of a high-speed and high-torque motor, the hammers on the rotor of the crusher take turns to hit the scrap steel in the cavity. Steel, and then processed by sorting equipment, high-quality crushed steel with higher purity can be obtained. Under the strong impact, scrap steel is torn and extruded into broken steel with certain specifications, and then processed by the separation equipment, high purity and high quality broken steel can be obtained.


Advantage of Scrap Metal Crushing Machine:

1. Better quality: Both material and process of the scrap metal crusher equipment are better, so the quality of the equipment is also very guaranteed. Not only the structure design is very reasonable, the appearance is novel, but the volume of the equipment is very small, which reduces the floor space of the equipment and makes the equipment more convenient to operate. The failure rate of Yuxi metal crushing equipment is much lower than other types of crushers, so it’s a good choice for scrap metal recycling industry at home and abroad.

2. Low price: users are very concerned about the price of metal crushers. As a regular shredder and crusher manufacturer, the price of our metal shredders is very reasonable and lower than other manufacturers, so that they can be sold in the form of volume.

3. Better service: users want to buy a metal crusher equipment with high cost performance and good service, which can ensure the normal and stable operation of the equipment. We can deal with any problems in a timely manner to ensure that the benefits of the customer's processing plant are not subject to any loss.

Yuxi metal crusher is the most cost-effective equipment on the market. For more details, please feel free to leave us a message, thank you.

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